Why Is Motorcycle Accidents Serious?

Why Is Motorcycle Accidents Serious?

Motorcycles have a high fatality rate due to their size and lack of protection. This makes it more difficult to control a motorcycle during an accident and can lead to serious injuries for riders. 

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A common cause of accidents is when other drivers do not notice a motorcyclist on the road and crash into them. This is because a motorcycle’s small size means that it is harder to see than other vehicles. 

Another reason motorcycle accidents are serious is that they can be caused by a wide range of factors, including poor weather conditions and negligent drivers. Some of these factors are listed below: 

Road Conditions

The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is bad road conditions. These can include potholes, debris, and other obstructions on the road that make it difficult for a motorcyclist to control their vehicle. 

Drivers intoxicated or distracted

Intoxication, distraction, and other unsafe driving behaviors can all contribute to an accident. Distracted driving is especially dangerous because it can increase the chances of a crash. 

Left Turns and Merging Scenarios

Inexperienced or reckless drivers who fail to yield the right of way are also leading causes of motorcycle crashes. These motorists often mistake the distance of a motorcycle in front of them and can rear-end it, causing significant injury or death. 

Head Injuries

The most common injury among motorcycle accident victims is a head injury, which is caused when a rider’s helmet strikes their face. This can result in brain damage and even death. Signs of a head injury can include nausea and vomiting, convulsions, slurred speech, dilated pupils, and loss of coordination. 

Broken Faces and Necks

Another common face injury is a broken nose or jawbone. This can be particularly devastating for riders because it can cause disfigurement and emotional trauma. 

Lower Extremities

Injuries to the lower parts of a motorcyclist’s body are also common, especially when riders crash into fixed objects like trees or rocks on the side of the road. Riders who sustain injuries to their lower limbs will have more time in the hospital and may require long-term care. 

Breathing Problems

Because the upper part of a motorcyclist’s body is protected by ribs, blunt force trauma to these ribs can damage vital organs and prevent them from working properly. This can lead to breathing problems and other health complications for the injured rider. 

Broken Arms, Elbows, and Fingers

In addition to face injuries, a motorcycle crash can leave a rider with broken arms, elbows, or fingers. These injuries can be extremely painful and require extensive medical care. 

Helmets are the best way to protect a rider’s head during a crash, but many people still do not wear them. This is a major safety risk, as helmets reduce the chance of fatal injuries by 37 percent. 

Regardless of whether or not you wear a helmet, always drive safely and follow the laws on the road. This will help to reduce the risk of a motorcycle accident and will allow you to enjoy your riding experience without the fear of losing your life or suffering severe injuries. 

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