Why Do People Get Into Motorcycles Accidents?

Why Do People Get Into Motorcycles Accidents? 

In addition to being a dangerous form of transportation, motorcycles are also often the cause of severe injuries and fatalities. In many cases, these catastrophic injuries can leave victims with lifelong disabilities that will affect their quality of life for the rest of their lives. 

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The most common reason people get into motorcycle accidents is due to reckless driving or inattentive driving from other motorists. This can include a variety of behavior, including texting while driving, speeding, not paying attention to the road, and being inexperienced. 

Drivers that are intoxicated or who have a history of drinking and driving are more likely to be involved in these accidents than other drivers. This is because intoxicated or high-risk drivers typically have impaired vision, judgment, and reaction time, which puts them at higher risk of being in a crash with a motorcyclist. 

Head-on collisions between vehicles and motorcycles are another common cause of these types of crashes. These accidents occur when a car or truck runs a red light, runs the stop sign, or attempts to beat the traffic signal in order to turn into the motorcycle. The other driver in this type of crash usually has to bear the brunt of the damage and is liable for any injuries caused. 

Blind Spots and Lane Splitting – Because motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles, they are at greater risk for being hit by cars or trucks that quickly change lanes without checking their blind spots first. This is why lane splitting (or white-lining) is illegal in most states. However, many motorists will still try to do it even if they think it’s unsafe. 

Inattention and Intoxication – Both of these are also very common reasons why drivers are involved in motorcycle accidents. Riders who are intoxicated and distracted will often lose control of their bikes and can cause a lot of damage. 

Younger riders are also more likely to be involved in these accidents, especially when they are riding at a high speed. In fact, a full 33% of fatal motorcycle crashes involve a rider who was speeding. 

Older riders are at a greater risk of getting into motorcycle accidents, too. The ability to maneuver a bike can be affected by age, and older bodies are less pliant when it comes to healing and recovery from accidents. 

Despite these factors, there are still plenty of things that can be done to help prevent these accidents from occurring. One of the easiest ways to do this is to always make sure that you have your helmet on when you are riding. 

Weather Conditions – Motorcycles are not built for the elements, so they can be particularly vulnerable to bad weather, such as snow or rain. During these times, the roads can become slippery or slick, which can put a biker at risk of being struck by an automobile or other vehicle. 

Unsafe Road Conditions – Because of their small size and lack of protection, motorcycles can easily be damaged by other types of debris on the roadway or in the surrounding area. If a motorcycle is struck by something in these types of accidents, it can result in serious or fatal injuries to the motorcyclist and any passengers who are riding with them. 

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