Why Are So Many Motorcycle Accidents Occurring?

Causes of Motorcycle Accidents 

Motorcycles are often seen as a way to get around with little or no hassle. However, they can also be very dangerous and pose a serious threat to both motorists and cyclists alike. While many factors can contribute to a motorcycle accident, there are a few specific things that are known to be the most common causes of accidents. 

Road Conditions

Dangerous weather and road conditions are major contributors to motorcycle accidents, as they can cause a rider to lose control of their bike and become injured or even killed. Fog can make it difficult for drivers to see vehicles, while rain and snow decrease traction and increase the risk of slipping or skidding. 

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Speeding and Reckless Driving

The highest percentage of fatalities in motorcycle crashes occur when riders are speeding. Riding fast is a risky behavior that should only be attempted by experienced riders, as they are more likely to be able to avoid an accident. It’s also important to remember that motorcyclists are not covered by the same insurance as cars and trucks, so they are less likely to be able to afford any injuries they may sustain in an accident. 

Vehicles Making Left-Hand Turns and Failing to Yield

Among the most dangerous motorcycle accidents are those when cars try to turn left in front of motorcyclists. This is commonly done when there is a gap in traffic or when a driver has pulled up to an intersection and is ready to turn. The turning vehicle may not see the motorcyclist in their blind spot, or they may be too busy focusing on the next car in front of them to notice a motorcycle in the middle of their path. 

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is a practice that is illegal in most states and can cause many accidents when drivers aren’t paying attention to their surroundings. It’s also dangerous because a vehicle can easily veer into a lane that has a motorcycle traveling in it, which can be particularly devastating for motorcyclists and their passengers. 

A Motorcyclist Losing Control Over a Corner or Turn

This type of crash can occur when a motorcyclist is traveling too quickly in a curve, causing them to lose control and become thrown from their bike. This is especially a risk when a motorcyclist is riding alone, as they have no one to help them if they fall off their bike and become ejected from it. 

Rear End Collisions

Another common reason for motorcycle accidents is when cars hit the back of a motorcyclist’s bike, resulting in a catastrophic injury or death. This type of crash is often caused by a driver who is too distracted or intoxicated to notice the bike or fails to properly check their mirrors before opening their door. 

Rear-end collisions are a leading cause of death among motorcyclists because they can be very painful, even fatal. They can result in the tearing of ligaments, fractures, and other severe injuries to the back of a motorcycle rider’s body. 

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