Who Is Typically At Fault In Motorcycle VS Car Accidents?

Who is Typically at Fault in Motorcycle Vs Car Accidents? 

Whether you are a driver, a passenger, or a motorcyclist, you may be wondering who is typically at fault in motorcycle vs car accidents. The truth is that the majority of motorcycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers. These drivers are usually distracted while driving, which leads to several disastrous events that cause motorcyclists to crash. 

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Another reason that motorcycle accidents are caused by distracted drivers is that motorcycles are smaller and can be difficult to see when driving. Drivers of cars are also distracted and may not notice that a motorcycle is nearby. Drivers of cars and trucks also may not see that motorcycles are in their blind spots. Drivers may also assume that a motorcycle has passed them when they haven’t seen it. 

Motorcyclists have a high risk of being injured or dying in an accident. This risk is higher in older riders. It’s also important to note that motorcycles are often less stable than cars. This can lead to a crash if they get caught in a sharp turn at high speed. This can lead to severe injuries, such as broken bones, amputation, and head trauma. 

Other reasons that motorcycles may crash are because of poor road maintenance. There are many dangerous potholes and road defects that can cause accidents. When motorcycles get involved in accidents due to poor road maintenance, they may be held liable. Also, government entities can be held liable for their negligence in posting road signs and maintaining the roads. In some cases, a construction company can also be held responsible for causing an accident. 

Motorcycles are also less stable than cars, which may make it difficult for them to maintain control. This can cause them to crash, especially in urban and rural areas. When the roads are slick, cars may be able to drive over small patches of gravel. 

In addition to distracted driving, several other factors can cause motorcycle accidents. These include poor road maintenance, road debris, and unclear road signs. In addition, motorcyclists have often been involved in “no contact” accidents, which can be attributed to other drivers. Many people assume that motorcycles have “assumed the risk” when they ride, which may cause potential jurors to believe that they have assumed the responsibility of taking care of themselves. 

A seasoned motorcycle attorney can fight against blame-shifting tactics. He or she can also ensure that you receive fair compensation for your injuries. A New York motorcycle accident attorney can help you gather evidence and determine who is at fault. Whether the accident occurred in New York, Massachusetts, or another state, you may be able to collect damages from the at-fault party. 

Insurance companies treat motorcycle accident claims as unique, which can lead to a higher settlement. Often, these claims are disputed and the insurance companies will attempt to shift the blame. In some cases, a wrongful death attorney can analyze the situation correctly and help you determine who is at fault in a motorcycle vs car accident. 

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