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Fahrenheit 451 Characters – Guy Montag 

Guy Montag is a character in the novel Fahrenheit 451. He is a fireman who lives in a dystopian world. Society has become corrupted and books are no longer legal. A group of men is trying to repopulate the world with books. This society is full of misery and people want to die. Until one fire, Montag enjoys his job. But he faces a crisis when he realizes that he isn’t happy. Whether to break the law and rebel against the government or just follow the rules. 

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Throughout the book, Montag struggles with his moral dilemma. His desire to know why things are done in such an inhumane way is evident. He also questions his existence. It is only after the death of an old woman that Montag realizes that something is missing in his life. 

At the beginning of the book, Montag reads from a personal stash of books that were stolen from a house that had been burned. It is unclear if he is reading his books or other people’s. However, he does realize that they have the potential to make him unhappy. 

While Montag initially thought that the books were not bad, he started to question their value. The government is also arguing that people should embrace their uniqueness and differences, rather than restricting them. Thus, Montag feels that books are not creating people who think. 

Despite his fears, Montag does not go back to work. Instead, he goes to the kitchen and hides some books. When the siren sounds, he phones in his fire alarm. There, he meets a group of men who will help him. They will lead him to Faber, his mentor and the only person who can give him the right answer. 

Once he reaches Faber, Montag realizes that he isn’t alone. Faber understands the struggle and speaks out against the burning of books. He admits that he isn’t happy, but that society is the cause of his dissatisfaction. He also knows that the Mechanical Hound is still on his trail. Eventually, Montag has to choose between staying with the firemen or crossing the boulevard. 

Later, he faces another dilemma. He wonders whether he will survive and if he will find happiness in his new society. Suddenly, he realizes that there is something more to his life. Ultimately, he decides to leave the city. 

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