Where Do The Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Where Do the Most Motorcycle Accidents Happen? 

When it comes to motorcycle accidents, you probably think of fast-moving freeways and intersections. However, there are many other places where motorcyclists crash. In fact, a recent QuoteWizard study found that the most common areas for accidents are urban roads, non-interstate highways, and locations other than intersections. 

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Intersections are one of the most dangerous areas for motorcyclists due to the high number of vehicles and a lack of visibility. This can be a result of weather conditions, obstructed views, or other factors. Even the most experienced riders are not always able to avoid a collision at an intersection. 


Drivers who speed up are responsible for a large percentage of motorcycle crashes. This is because drivers have less time to react in an accident. The intensity of the crash also increases as the speed of the rider increases. 

Reckless driving

Drunk driving, aggressive driving, and weaving in and out of traffic are all examples of reckless behavior. All of these can cause a motorcycle accident. 

Road conditions and debris

A significant number of motorcycle crashes are caused by road conditions, such as potholes, construction, and debris. This can lead to increased collisions and injuries. 

Two-Lane Roads

The most dangerous road for motorcyclists is a two-lane road. These roads often have very narrow lanes that make it difficult for motorcyclists to maneuver. This can be especially dangerous if the road is poorly maintained and has poor visibility. 


Skidding is a common cause of motorcycle accidents and can happen for many reasons, including a breakdown in the rider’s gear or the bike’s engine. It is important to activate your brakes if you notice skidding, as this will allow you to slow down and prevent a crash from happening. 

State and Climate

The NHTSA reports that the majority of motorcycle accidents occur in urban areas, on non-interstate roads, and at locations other than intersections. This is likely because the traffic on these roads tends to be higher than in rural locations and there are more pedestrians and bicyclists on the roads, as well. 

Insurance and Liability

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, you may be wondering how to get compensation for your losses. Unfortunately, the financial costs associated with a motorcycle accident can be overwhelming and difficult to manage. 

This is where a personal injury lawyer can help you seek the compensation that you deserve. These experts will investigate the incident and determine who is at fault for the crash. If you were hurt in a motorcycle crash because of another party’s negligence, you should contact an attorney to discuss your case and find out what legal action may be available for you. 

States With More Crash Statistics

The NHTSA releases detailed statistics about motorcycle accidents each year. This information can help you understand the areas where most motorcycle accidents happen and what you can do to reduce your risk of getting into a collision. 

While most motorcycle accidents happen in cities, some states have higher rates of motorcycle crashes than others. For example, Colorado has the highest rate of fatal motorcycle accidents in the nation, with more than 125 riders killed on the state’s roads in 2016. 

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