When To Get A Lawyer Involved For A Major Collision Car Accident?

When to Get a Lawyer Involved in a Major Collision Car Accident? 

The type of accident is crucial when deciding whether to get a lawyer involved in a major collision car accident. The type of accident you are involved in will determine the fault of each party and support your side of the story with evidence. Read on to learn more. We’ve covered the following: Uninsured motorist coverage, Comparative fault rule, Punitive damages for reprehensible conduct, and more.
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Uninsured motorist coverage 

In case of a car accident, uninsured motorist coverage is very important. This coverage pays up to your limits without a deductible. Underinsured motorist bodily injury coverage is a valuable tool to cover medical expenses for the injured party and any other family members. In cases of hit-and-run car accidents, underinsured motorist coverage will cover the injuries and other expenses caused by a negligent driver. While this coverage does not cover the damages to your car, it can help you cover the costs of medical bills and property damage. 

Comparative fault rule 

California, Florida, and New York are among the states that recognize the pure comparative negligence rule in major collision car accidents. Purposeful comparative negligence means that each person is essentially equal to blame for an accident and should be held responsible for their proportion of fault. In such cases, the injured person can still sue the other party for damages, but can only collect compensation for that portion of the accident that they did not cause. 

Avoiding admitting fault in an accident 

It’s important to avoid admitting fault in a major car accident, no matter what the circumstances. Although you might be tempted to say, “I’m sorry,” this can lead to major problems. Not only can it lead to additional traffic violations, but it can also increase your insurance rates. Here’s what you should never say to the police after a car accident: 

Punitive damages awarded for reprehensible conduct 

A personal injury case can award punitive damages if the defendant was negligent or purposefully reckless, or engaged in egregious conduct that resulted in an accident. Punitive damages are intended to deter the defendant from similar behavior in the future and are usually much larger than compensatory damages. Punitive damages must be large enough to impact the actions of other similar businesses. 

Cost of hiring a lawyer 

Hiring a lawyer to handle your case is an excellent idea if you’ve been involved in a major collision car accident. Insurance companies are keen to keep their money and try to minimize your claim, but you need the protection of a lawyer to maximize your compensation. While it may seem expensive at first, you’ll likely end up paying for your lawyer’s services many times over. 

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