When Should You Contact A Lawyer After A Car Accident?

When Should You Contact a Lawyer After a Car Accident? 

There are a variety of situations in which you may not need to hire a lawyer after a car accident. It all depends on the circumstances and your level of comfort with handling the claims process by yourself. However, there are some situations in which you should contact a lawyer immediately to ensure that your rights are protected and that you get the compensation you deserve. 

1. When You Didn’t Seem Injured

It can be tempting to accept a quick settlement from an insurance company after a minor fender-bender when you don’t feel like you are injured. This can save you money and enable you to fix your vehicle sooner. But it can also be dangerous in the long run. 

This may lead to you ignoring an injury and then having it become more serious in the future, and possibly hurting your chances of winning a lawsuit for your injuries. It can also allow the insurance company to make an argument that your injuries aren’t as serious as they really are, which can be a huge disadvantage in a claim for future medical costs or pain and suffering. 

2. When Your Injuries Are Serious

If you have been injured in a car accident, it is important to seek immediate medical treatment and remain calm until emergency responders arrive. Many injuries, such as whiplash, don’t show symptoms until hours or even days after the crash. It is also a good idea to take photographs and videos of the scene of the accident so that the other driver’s insurance company can see the extent of your damage or any injuries you have sustained. 

3. If You Have Severe Injuries

Having severe injuries can be extremely painful and difficult to cope with, especially if you are not able to work as a result of them. This can have a lasting impact on your life and your ability to earn a living. 

A skilled attorney will be able to account for all the losses you have incurred and help you get compensated for those losses. These include lost wages, medical bills, and any other expenses you incurred as a result of your injuries. 

  1. If You Have Been Killed as a Result of the Crash

When someone dies as a result of a car accident, it is often difficult to recover damages for their estate. A lawyer can help to assemble all of the evidence necessary for a wrongful death case. They can also provide legal advice to the family of the deceased. 

5. When You Need to File a Claim

Once you have been injured in a car accident, you will need to file a claim with your own insurance provider or the at-fault driver’s insurer. This will require you to provide details about the incident, such as the name of the other driver and his or her insurance information, as well as any relevant medical records and documents. 

Keep in mind that insurance companies will be working hard to deny or reduce your claim. They will look for any way they can to shift the blame and reduce your settlement, so it is best to allow a lawyer to handle these calls on your behalf. They will protect you from insurance companies who try to underplay your injuries or reduce the value of your claim, and they will help you receive the compensation you need. 

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