When Is It Worthwhile For A Lawyer To Take A Case To Court Car Accident?

When Is It Worthwhile for a Lawyer to Take a Case to Court After a Car Accident? 

When is it worthwhile for a lawyer to take your case to court after a car accident? This article will explain the types of damages, Punitive and Economic, and the cost of taking a case to court. It will also explain how to choose the right lawyer for your case. A lawyer should have a high success rate with similar cases and can help you decide which attorney is best for your situation. A qualified attorney will be able to win your case and recover a reasonable amount of compensation.

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Non-economic damages 

A good law firm can help you determine the value of non-economic damages, which is damage that you cannot quantify. Examples of non-economic damages are the loss of quality of life and the emotional stress associated with the accident. If you have been involved in an auto accident, a lawyer in NYC can help you calculate the value of these damages and win a case in your favor.
Insurance companies don’t always want to pay out a check. Several factors affect the length of a car accident case in New York. High-dollar cases tend to take longer to resolve because insurance companies have unlimited resources to challenge claims. Additionally, non-economic damages may take longer to quantify because the insurance company is spending more time and money trying to minimize them. 

Economic damages 

There are two types of economic damages you can seek after a car accident. The first type covers current and future medical bills. It may include lost wages, tips, and bonuses. Whether you were able to work before the accident is up for debate. However, it is important to note that this type of damage can be fairly complex and varies by county. Listed below are the different types of economic damages you can seek in your case.
While economic damages are easily calculable, pain and suffering are harder to quantify. Medical bills and lost wages are obvious indicators of economic loss. Jurors are more likely to compensate injured victims for those financial losses. Pain and suffering, also known as general damages, can be difficult to quantify with hard numbers. Therefore, you need to prove that you suffered enough emotional and mental suffering to make your case compelling. Fortunately, there are ways to maximize these damages. 

Punitive damages 

A lawyer may be able to get you a settlement by taking your case to trial, but there are certain circumstances when it is worthwhile for him to seek punitive damages instead. This is a way to punish the party responsible for the crash for a particular behavior. For example, if the defendant was drunk or distracted, they may be awarded punitive damages to punish them for their recklessness.
The time and money involved in gathering evidence is another consideration. A jury will weigh the details of the case and determine how much the injured party deserves. Oftentimes, a large settlement amount is reached after a trial, so an attorney may have to pursue the case in a different venue to win a higher settlement. This means that a lawsuit may be more costly than it is worth if the injured party can negotiate more money. 

Cost of taking a case to court 

Filing a claim, paying a jury, and other paperwork related to the case all add up to the cost of a car accident lawsuit. The most significant expense, however, is the fee for an expert witness. These individuals review the case, create a report, and testify in court. Because only some people are considered “experts” by the courts, their fees can run into the hundreds of dollars per hour or multiple thousand dollars.
Hiring a lawyer for your car accident case may be necessary to get the compensation you deserve. However, the attorney’s fee can be costly, and you can try to save money by negotiating your medical costs with the insurance company. Oftentimes, you can negotiate a lower medical bill if your lawyer knows how to do it. A good lawyer will know how to minimize these costs and bill you less than you would pay a lawyer. 


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