What Percentage Of Motorcycle Riders Get In Fatal Accidents?

What Percentage of Motorcycle Riders Get in Fatal Accidents? 

You may be wondering, “What percentage of motorcycle riders get in fatal accidents?” This article will explore the facts. For instance, alcohol is a significant contributing factor in fatal motorcycle accidents, making up 14% of all traffic fatalities. Driver error is also a factor. Nevertheless, if you’re a Caucasian and ride in California, the chances of your motorcycle is involved in a fatal accident are fairly low. 

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Alcohol-impaired motorcyclists make up 14% of traffic fatalities 

While alcohol is not a major factor in all motorcycle accidents, it is still a significant contributor. Motorcycle accidents are disproportionately caused by people who are drinking and driving. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the number of fatalities caused by alcohol-impaired riders is higher than for other types of drivers. The most common reason for these fatalities is the inability to see the road. But this isn’t a reason to give up the pleasure of riding a motorcycle. 

Caucasian motorcyclists are more likely to die 

According to a recent study, Caucasian motorcycle riders are more likely to sustain fatal injuries in motorcycle crashes than black motorcycle riders. The researchers examined information from the National Trauma Data Bank to identify racial differences in fatal motorcycle crashes. They found that black motorcycle crash victims suffered injuries 1.5 times more often than white motorcyclists. Moreover, black motorcycle crash victims were thirty percent more likely to be wearing a helmet at the time of their injuries. 

Driver error is a factor 

One major contributing factor to fatal motorcycle accidents is driver error. This can take many forms. For example, failure to yield can cause a collision between a motorcycle and another vehicle, leaving the victim with little time to react. This can be confusing and lead to confusion about who was at fault. It is important to hire a qualified injury lawyer as soon as possible, so they can start an investigation of the evidence and build a strong case for recovery of damages. 

California is a relatively safe state to ride 

The state of California is a relatively safe place to ride motorcycles. However, there are some important rules that you should follow. First, you should always obey the speed limit. If you’re speeding, you will be at risk of getting into a crash. The state also has some lane-splitting laws that you should follow. 

Age of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes 

This study shows the differences in the age of motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes. The results are statistically significant, based on chi-square tests and 2×4 crosstabulations. The age group 20-29 years was the most common for crash fatalities, followed by 40-plus years and 45 years and older. Age was also an important factor in whether a motorcyclist was wearing a helmet. 

Helmet use 

Helmet use has been proven to reduce the risk of fatal motorcycle accidents. According to the NHTSA’s CODES program, the use of motorcycle helmets was associated with reduced rates of head injuries, facial injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Because these types of injuries are often associated with higher hospital costs, helmet use is an important factor to consider. 

Blood alcohol content 

One-third of fatal motorcycle accidents involve a drunk driver, according to a study. This new study examines the impact of alcohol on the motorcycle-riding community. It found that alcohol-impaired the performance of participants significantly, even at 0.05 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) or lower. 


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