What Is The Major Reason For Motorcycle Accidents?

What Is the Major Reason For Motorcycle Accidents? 

Motorcycle accidents are often caused by driver error. A common mistake is making a left turn when it is not safe to do so. It could be a result of confusion about the right of way or not measuring the distance properly. Another common error is failing to notice road conditions. For example, if there is a large amount of snow on the road, it can affect the traction of the motorbike. In addition, there may be a lack of traffic signs. 

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Distracted driving 

Distracted driving is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents, killing more people than any other accident on the road. The increasing prevalence of social media and the internet have all contributed to the increased distraction of drivers while driving. It is not uncommon for drivers to be glued to their phones while riding a motorcycle, texting, browsing the internet, adjusting the radio station, or even checking social media status updates. 

Distracted driving makes it more difficult for drivers to notice motorcycles in their blind spots. Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable to collisions than other vehicles because of their small size. Unlike a car, motorcycles have few safety features, which make them easy to miss. In a collision, riders often get ejected from their bikes, leading to severe injuries. 


According to government statistics, a significant percentage of motorcycle accidents occur due to inattentive drivers. They fail to notice motorcycles, make unsafe lane changes and do not look in their mirrors or turn their heads in time to avoid a collision. Many of these accidents occur at intersections. Inattention is often a primary factor in accidents involving motorcycles, but there are several other causes of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle accident lawyer can help you determine the cause of an accident and pursue legal action if a motorcycle driver is at fault. 

Drivers who are speeding can also cause an accident with a motorcycle. They may not realize how much more difficult it is to stop when a motorcycle rides alongside them. Similarly, drivers who fail to realize that a motorcycle rider is near them can cause a rear-end collision. 

Unlicensed motorcyclists 

Motorcycle accidents are caused by several factors. One major factor is a lack of experience among riders. Another factor is a lack of safety awareness. Motorcyclists must be more vigilant at intersections and be aware of other drivers. It is also important to be aware of the right of way. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), unlicensed motorcyclists account for over twenty-seven percent of motorcycle crashes that result in death or injury. In addition, unlicensed riders are more likely to be self-trained, which further increases the likelihood of an accident. Thankfully, several states have made the process of obtaining a motorcycle license easier and more accessible by implementing safety training programs. Riders who complete these programs can waive a skills test portion of the licensing test. 

Slippery road surfaces 

During storms, gravel, mud, and glass can wash onto the road and make it more slippery. In addition, vehicles, particularly trucks, can leave a trail of oil and grease on the road. Large deciduous trees often drop massive amounts of leaves during the autumn months, which degrade into the soil. These trees also contribute to damp patches on the road surface. 

Road surfaces that are too slippery can cause a motorcycle to slip. A motorcycle’s tire is particularly susceptible to hydroplaning if the road is covered in puddles or standing water. In addition, motorcycle tires are also more prone to slipping on ice. Motorcycles can also get caught in railway tracks, which can be especially slippery. Rails, trees, and other objects on the road can also cause a motorcycle to lose control, causing a crash or even serious injury. 

Inexperienced drivers 

Motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, and some drivers are just inexperienced. According to statistics, inexperienced drivers cause more motorcycle accidents than experienced drivers. In addition to a lack of experience, inexperienced drivers also tend to break the rules of the road. This lack of knowledge can lead to devastating accidents. Inexperienced drivers are more likely to make risky driving decisions, such as failing to check their blind spots or failing to obey the speed limit. 

The size of motorcycles makes them vulnerable to collisions with other vehicles. Oncoming vehicles can fail to see motorcycles and may mistakenly believe that they have the right of way. When making a left turn, drivers should yield to motorcycles. 

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