What Is The Fatality Rate Of Motorcycle Accidents?

What Is the Fatality Rate of Motorcycle Accidents? 

The fatality rate of motorcycle accidents has been steadily increasing for the past several years. Currently, there is an 80% chance of injury or death, which is about 28 times the rate of passenger vehicles. During the last two years, this rate has risen and plateaued at about 4 or 5 thousand. 

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80% chance of injury or death 

A motorcycle accident can be devastating, especially if there are no protective gear or safety devices present. Although the overall motorcycle crash survival rate is over 90 percent, several factors can impact a rider’s chances of survival. These factors include rider safety gear, road conditions, and speed. In some accidents, the odds of survival are as high as 100 percent. In some other accidents, the chances of survival are as low as zero percent. 

28 times higher than for passenger vehicles 

Motorcycles are notoriously dangerous vehicles, causing about 3% of all crashes in the United States. They provide less protection to the rider than passenger vehicles, and the likelihood of a fatal crash with a motorcycle is 28 times higher than that of a car. However, several safety measures can be taken to reduce motorcycle fatalities. 

Increased in past two years 

A recent study found that the rate of fatal motorcycle accidents has increased in the past two years. This increase is not only attributed to more traffic on roads that are typically for travel and commuters but it is also related to increased riding for pleasure. The study also found that most fatal motorcycle accidents occur on highways other than interstates. 

Increased in recent years 

According to recent statistics, motorcyclists have a higher fatality rate than passenger cars. They are 26 times as likely to die in a crash than in a passenger car. In addition, they are five times more likely to sustain injuries. Moreover, they are much less visible to other drivers and pedestrians. A recent study found that 43 percent of fatal motorcycle accidents involved two vehicles. Most of them occurred during overtaking or passing a motorcycle. 

Increased in urban areas 

Several factors are associated with increased motorcycle accident fatality rates in urban areas. These include more traffic, more pedestrians and bicyclists, and more emergency vehicles. Many urban areas also have varying road conditions, which make it more difficult for motorcyclists to negotiate these roadways. 

Increased in winter 

Researchers have found that motorcycle fatalities are higher during the colder months. Extreme temperature changes can cause people to become irritable, anxious, or even aggressive, and these feelings can lead to risky behaviors, which can increase the risk of road traffic accidents. In addition, cold and hot weather conditions may lead motorcyclists to break the speed limit and speed up, and these factors can lead to an increase in accidents. 

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