What Is Considered Accidents On A Truck Driver Application?

What Is Considered an Accident on a Truck Driver Application? 

When you apply to become a truck driver, you are required to complete a truck driving application. It includes information such as your qualifications for the job, your driving experience, and your employment record. The application also has a section where you are asked to describe any accidents you have had in the past. 

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In most cases, a crash is considered an accident when there is bodily injury or damage to other vehicles involved in the collision. However, sometimes a trucking company will decide to classify an accident as a non-collision if the accident is minor and the driver was not responsible for the crash. 

A common cause of large truck accidents is speeding. This is a violation of federal motor carrier safety regulations, and drivers often face fines and other penalties for speeding. 

Another common reason for truck crashes is following too closely. Semitrucks have wide blind spots, and drivers should take extra care when they are behind or in front of a truck. 

Abrupt lane changes are another frequent reason for collisions between truckers and other drivers. This is because trucks can’t come to a stop as quickly as passenger cars. The sudden lane change might set off a series of reflexive actions in the other driver’s vehicle, which could lead to an accident. 

Drunk or drugged driving can also result in a truck wreck. This can happen when a driver takes intoxicating substances or is impaired while operating a vehicle, but it can also be caused by fatigue or other factors. 

When a trucker is drunk or under the influence of drugs, they are breaking federal and state regulations regarding commercial vehicle driving. If they cause an accident, their employer may be held liable for the injuries and damages that they caused. 

Overloading and other mechanical issues can also lead to a truck wreck. These are typically problems that can be avoided with proper maintenance. 

A trucking company should have a thorough inspection of the truck to ensure it’s in good condition before allowing the driver to drive it again. Likewise, the trucking company should maintain detailed records of the truck’s maintenance history and inspections. 

Similarly, the trucking company should follow all federal and state regulations regarding how much cargo can be carried in the truck. Overloading can lead to an accident when a driver is not able to handle the load and/or loses control of their vehicle. 

The driver should also avoid using cell phones, radios, or any other form of distracted driving while operating their vehicle. These types of activities are especially dangerous for truck drivers, who are not used to handling their large, bulky vehicles in a safe manner. 

Trucking companies usually have a zero-tolerance policy for road rage and violence. This means that if they find their drivers engaging in aggressive or violent behavior after an accident, they are likely to fire them immediately. 

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