What Happens In A Side Impact Collision -Lawyers?

What Happens in a Side Impact Collision? 

If you are in a side-impact collision, you might be wondering what happens next. While the police will not be able to determine fault, they will create an accident report containing important details. These reports often contain details regarding traffic violations and other vital details. You can request the report from the investigating police agency or the Department of Motor Vehicles.

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Whiplash injuries 

Whiplash injuries are caused by sudden forces that cause the neck to jerk back and forth in an unexpected manner. Whiplash injuries from a side impact can be mild or severe and require extensive pain management to be fully recovered. Treatment may involve chiropractic care, physical therapy, or both. 

Medical treatment for whiplash injuries is not free. Aside from medical bills, you may be required to pay for accident-related losses. If you are unable to pay for these expenses, consider filing a claim with your insurer. An attorney can help you get the treatment you need and explain your legal options. 


Concussions are a very serious condition and can severely affect a person’s ability to function. Symptoms include difficulty in concentration, memory loss, and mood swings. Some people also experience seizures. Fortunately, the majority of victims recover fully and symptoms usually subside within two to three weeks. This condition is often triggered by accidents such as car crashes, falls, or sports injuries. The rapid back-and-forth forces caused by collisions can cause a concussion. In such cases, it is important to visit a qualified medical professional to ensure the patient’s safety. Moreover, a person needs to wear a helmet during sports. 

If the injury causes you to lose consciousness for five minutes or more, you have likely suffered a concussion. Symptoms of a concussion may last from half an hour to a day or more. If the symptoms persist for a long time, you should visit a medical professional. You may be restricted from watching TV, engaging in strenuous physical activity, and reading, among others. While most concussions will eventually resolve, it is important not to ignore any symptoms as this may cause further damage to the brain. 

Mental anguish 

Aside from the physical damage caused by the accident, mental anguish from a side-impact collision can also affect a person’s quality of life. Although emotional distress may last for only a short period, it can interfere with a person’s daily life in a significant way. In such a case, it is important to consult an attorney to help you prove the extent of your distress. 

Psychological damage is often an overlooked component of an injury claim. While physical injuries and damage to the vehicle are the expected outcomes, many people don’t realize that emotional damage can also be claimed. The specifics of the accident and the presence of physical injuries play a huge role in determining whether you can file a claim for mental anguish. A skilled personal injury attorney in Atlanta will be able to explain your options and help you prove your damages. 

Serious chest and abdominal injuries 

A side impact collision can cause serious chest and abdominal injuries. These injuries are often hidden by shock and adrenaline, making a medical diagnosis necessary to determine the extent of the injuries. Aside from bruising and pain, serious chest and abdominal injuries can cause internal organ damage. 

Chest and abdominal injuries include fractures to the ribs and sternum, bruising of the abdomen, and pain during breathing, walking or laughing. An injury to the sternum, which surrounds the lungs, can cause intense pain during these activities. It can also result in crepitus, a sound produced by the heart when the person coughs. 

Defective car parts 

A car accident can be caused by a defective car part, and you may have a case if you are hurt by one. Companies that produce auto parts are responsible for testing their products to ensure safety and reliability, and if the part fails the safety tests, the company may be liable for the accident. Defective car parts are extremely dangerous, and you should not drive a vehicle with one. 

A car accident may be caused by a variety of causes, including distracted driving, dangerous road conditions, and defective car parts. These defects can be difficult to detect and may be the result of a design flaw. Whether you’ve suffered an accident because of a defective car part, it’s important to get the help of an attorney. 


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