What Happens If I Take A Car Accident Case To Court With A Lawyer?

What Happens If I Take a Car Accident Case to Court With a Lawyer? 

Taking a car accident case to court with tenacious lawyers from Stephenson Rife is a surefire way to get the maximum compensation you deserve. We can help you build a strong case by gathering evidence, interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports, and understanding applicable laws and statutes. We know how to present your claim in the best light possible and prepare for trial so that you can win. 

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Insurance companies don’t like to go to court, so they’ll often try to settle a claim as quickly as possible. But when they’re not willing to pay you what you deserve, it’s time to bring your case to a judge and jury. 

The first step in any car accident case is to prove the other driver owed you a duty of care and breached that duty by causing your injuries. Your attorney can use evidence from the accident scene and police report to show that a duty was breached. This is called negligence. The driver’s breach of duty caused your injuries, which establishes that you can file a lawsuit against him or her for the damages you’ve suffered. 

You can then pursue both economic and non-economic damages to cover the losses you’ve incurred as a result of your injuries. These damages can include medical bills, lost wages, property damage, and pain and suffering. 

Your attorney will work to negotiate a settlement with the at-fault party’s insurance company. They will also draft a demand letter that details your claim and makes a demand for compensation. 

In most cases, a reasonable settlement can be achieved without going to trial. However, sometimes the at-fault party’s insurance provider or your lawyer can’t agree on a reasonable settlement and will ask for the case to be tried in court. 

If your case does go to trial, it will be heard by a jury of your peers (jurors). The jury will then make a decision based on the evidence you present. Your attorney will call witnesses to testify and present their evidence on your behalf. 

During a trial, the defendant will have a chance to defend themselves by offering arguments and presenting their own evidence to the jury. This process can be lengthy and complicated, so it’s best to have an experienced attorney by your side. 

The Jury Awards You Money

In the end, the jury decides if you deserve to receive a settlement or an award in the number of your damages. A jury’s decisions are based on their own experience and the law, so you can expect the results to vary. 

The jury may award a sum of money for your economic damages, such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as noneconomic damages, such as pain and suffering. These damages are based on the severity of your injuries and are not always easy to calculate. A skilled Long Island auto accident attorney will consult with experts to determine how much you are entitled to recover. 

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