What Cause Head On Collision-Legal-Lawyer?

Head-On Collisions Can Be Difficult to Determine – A Legal Attorney Can Help! 

A head-on collision is often the result of a driver making an unsafe maneuver. However, fault determination can be a difficult task, especially when the evidence is conflicting and there are few eyewitnesses. In the case of Pfeiffer v. Transport Leasing, Inc., an automobile collided head-on with a tractor-trailer on a foggy morning. A legal attorney will need to investigate whether the collision was the result of negligence, reckless driving, or other causes.
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Negligent maintenance or repair work 

You should contact a lawyer if you or a loved one has been injured in a head-on collision due to another driver’s negligence. You may be entitled to compensation because of faulty roadway design or maintenance. Contact us today for a free consultation. We will investigate your case to determine your rights. We can also help you determine if there was a breach of contract that caused your head-on collision. 

Injuries due to faulty car maintenance or repair can occur in the most innocuous way: when a vehicle is not working properly or is defective. This type of negligence is often the result of careless maintenance or repair work that causes a vehicle to malfunction. If you were driving in the wrong lane due to a malfunction, the shop you used to perform the service is responsible. 

If you are injured due to faulty auto repair or maintenance, you may have a claim against the mechanic responsible for your car’s negligence. You can make a claim against the mechanic based on the consumer protection law. This can include monetary damages, lost wages, and pain and suffering. While establishing liability is difficult, you may still be entitled to compensation. You can get legal representation through Tyroler Leonard Injury Law. 

Reckless driving 

A Reckless driving case is difficult to win without a conviction or ticket. Moreover, proving reckless driving can be difficult without any proof, such as an accident report or a medical bill. But if the driver has committed no crime, he can still be charged with reckless driving and be liable for the accident. A Reckless driving lawyer can help you pursue compensation if he is convicted of causing a head-on collision. 

In the US, reckless driving is a crime that carries stiff consequences for the driver. Apart from the legal consequences, reckless drivers can also face stiff civil liability for any injuries or fatalities caused by their carelessness. Moreover, reckless drivers can see their insurance rates increase by as much as seventy percent. This is because insurers perceive them as a higher risk than normal drivers. Several types of reckless driving can be considered reckless. 

In the state of New Jersey, the law on reckless driving states that the driver who caused the collision should be held responsible. In such a case, the driver must prove that he was negligent and the other party was at fault. The reckless driver must pay damages to the victim to secure compensation. The compensation must be sufficient to make the injured person whole. That means making him pay for all of his losses and damages. 

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