Rear Ended When Will Insurance Pay Back Collision When Lawyer Is Involved?

When Will Insurance Pay Back Collisions When Lawyer Is Involved? 

A car is rear-ended when the car in front of it suddenly brakes. This can occur for many reasons. A pedestrian may step out onto the road or a child might run into the path of the vehicle. A snag in traffic could also cause a driver to brake suddenly and hit the car in front. No matter what the reason, a rear-end collision can happen at any time.

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Car insurance should pay for damage to the car 

If you are involved in a car accident and the other driver is at fault, you should ask your insurance company to pay for damages to your car. Your insurance company must pay for damages up to the value of the car. If you were at fault, your insurer must pay for damages up to the value of your car, if it was totaled. You can also file a claim for damages against the other driver. 

Personal injury should be paid under bodily injury liability coverage 

A higher policy limit benefits both the policyholder and the victim. It ensures that the injured person receives the compensation they deserve. Bodily injury liability coverage ensures that the injured party gets compensated as quickly as possible. It is important to note that bodily injury liability coverage is not the same as UM or UIM coverage. In New York, the two types of coverage are combined into a single amount. 

Comparative negligence does not bar recovery against the rear driver 

Whether or not comparative negligence bars recovery against a rear driver depends on the circumstances of the case. In New Mexico, for example, the injured party can still recover damages regardless of who was at fault for the accident. The percentage of blame will then determine how much a plaintiff can recover in damages. In Scott v. Rizzo, the rear driver shared 50% of the fault. 

Timeline of a settlement after a rear-end collision 

If a lawyer is involved, the timeframe of a settlement after a rear-ended collision varies. It can be as short as a few months, or as long as two years. In most cases, a case will take a long time before reaching a final settlement. In some cases, the plaintiff must fully recover to be eligible for a settlement. 

Common injuries from a rear-end collision 

Rear-end collisions are common, and the effects are sometimes immediate, but the long-term consequences of these crashes are even more so. Some people experience whiplash, a condition that causes the neck to bend and stretch too much. Others sustain a concussion or a traumatic brain injury and suffer cuts and bruises to the head and body. Other injuries are more serious, including broken bones and soft tissue damage. Rear-end collisions are complex cases, and it takes time and experience to prove negligence. 

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