My Favorite Lincoln Nebraska Parks

Lincoln Nebraska Parks I Love

Sunken GardensLincoln Nebraska Parks have a lot to offer.  Lincoln is full of them, the current count is 126 parks.  Located in all areas of town, some just simply botanical, some playgrounds and some a mixture of everything.  All parks in the Lincoln area are very well maintained and clean.  Here are a few of my favorite parks:

Havelock Park

located at 64th and Ballard Avenue

My children’s favorite park when they were younger.  I enjoyed taking the kids there to play.  It has a lot more to offer than just a playground.  There are plenty of trees for shade.  The park provides a shelter with bathrooms, drinking fountains and picnic tables.  There is also a path throughout the park if you just feel like taking a walk.  There are two playground sets, one much larger than the other with four or more slides.  The smaller playground set has two slides and monkey bars. There is also a swing set available with an infant swing.  The park also features a large grass area you can take your dog to run around.

Trago Park

located at North 22nd and U Street

It is a very large park with a running path and more than enough room for pet activities.  There is also a spray park, which is a great place for kids to cool off on a hot summer day.  The park provides a shelter with bathrooms and drinking fountains.  It also has a large picnic area which is especially nice for all the summer birthday parties that are held there.  There is a basketball court and plenty of playground equipment.  It is the perfect park to take your kids and relax.

Hazel Abel Park

located on 17th and E Street

It is a small park on the corner of the block.  It has a small playground area for small children, but most of the park is filled with beautiful flowers and plants.  The playground sits on a rubber mat, so when kids fall down they are not likely to get hurt.  This park is popular for small weddings.  This park has a beautiful water fountain with a flower-lined path that wraps around it and leads to a gazebo.  A black iron fence surrounding the park enhances its scenic beauty.

Antelope Park

27th and South Street

A large park with so much to offer.  They have a very large playground set with enough room for dozens of kids to play on it.  There is also a swing set as well as a tire swing.  A smaller playground set is available for younger kids to play on.  This park has large walking and bike trail. It also has a beautiful Veterans garden with flags, memorial monuments, and plenty of history detailed plaques.  The park has a shelter with bathrooms and drinking fountains are available throughout the park.  There are several covered picnic table areas and dozens of picnic areas with barbecue grills.  I have witnessed plenty of children’s birthday parties and wedding receptions held at Antelope Park.  The park fills up quickly during the summer time and stays busy all day.  Not to worry, there is plenty of parking available.  The grounds are always very well maintained.  The lawn is always cut and there is not a big problem with trash and litter.

Pioneers ParkPioneers Park

Southwest Lincoln, West Van Dorn and Coddington Ave.

Pioneers park has lots of room for relaxing.  There is large central grassy area dotted with barbecue grills and picnic tables, and every summer weekend it is filled with people.  There are lots of trails for long walks.  The Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater hosts summer plays and concerts.  The wetland at the south end of the park is ringed by a trail, but be prepared for a long walk if you try to go around it.  A large concrete sculpture entitled “The Smoke Signal” was built as a WPA project in 1935.  It is located on top of a hill just north of the picnic area.  I’ve never played golf at Pioneers Park, but there is a golf course on the west side of the park.

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