Why I Love The The Lincoln Havelock Neighborhood

The Lincoln Havelock Neighborhood


The town of Havelock grew in the early 1900s to serve workers employed at the nearby Burlington Railroad repair shops.  Havelock was annexed by the City of Lincoln in 1930, but it still feels like a small town.  Many of the buildings along the main street are over 100 years old.

Misty’s Restaurant and Lounge

6235 Havelock Ave.


There is an on-site parking lot next to the building.  Inside is both spacious and cozy.  The lighting is dimmed, but not dark.  The restaurant opened in 1963 and has a retro steakhouse vibe.  The booths are upholstered with naugahyde and crescent-shaped.  Their staff is quick, efficient and best of all friendly.  If you plan to eat here on a special day such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day you will need to make reservations in advance.

On any other given day, they do get busy, but you don’t need to reserve a table.  On the weekends during the dinner rush, there might be a wait, but no longer than 20 minutes from my experience.  The restaurant is kept very clean and organized.  The restrooms are lovely, complete with a separate vanity in the women’s room.  Misty’s has a second floor with two separate rooms for large parties.  They both hold about 20 people each, good for company, birthday or even rehearsal dinners.  It is a more upscale dining experience and the prices are what you would expect at a lavish restaurant.

I have ordered the crab cakes and the spinach and artichoke dip as appetizers and was satisfied with both.  You get three crab cakes of good portion and the spinach and artichoke dip come with salsa and a basket of chips.  From the dinner menu, I have tried the spinach strawberry salad, the filet mignon, the ribeye and prime rib, my favorite.  Of the side items, I have tried them all except the onion rings and the sweet potato fries.  I enjoy all of the sides except for the macaroni and cheese. Every table comes with complimentary bread and butter. It’s a small homemade loaf of bread and no complaints here, it tastes good.  They have a good size wine menu.  You can choose to order a glass of wine or the bottle.  I have never ordered the bottle, just one glass and they are not stingy on the pour.  One glass of wine at Misty’s is the equivalent to two glasses of wine anywhere else I have been to.  Here they also have a bar area.  The bar itself sits in the middle of a large circle where people can sit and have a drink while also enjoying a meal.  The chairs that sit around the bar are large leather lounge chairs.  Overall, Misty’s is a great dining experience, but expect to pay a little more than your average restaurant.

Engine House Cafe

6028 Havelock Ave.

My favorite cafe in Lincoln is the Engine House Cafe, which is located in a historic building that served as the Havelock Fire House from 1900 to 1970.  The parking can be somewhat of a hassle, as there is street parking only.  It is a small café with tables not too far apart.  The weekends are always busy so there will be a line.  It never takes too long to be seated though and it’s well worth the wait.  I have not yet tried the lunch menu because the breakfast menu is so delicious it is hard to get away from.  As soon as you walk through the doors, the smell of home-style cooking overwhelms you.

The staff and service are great.  As you look through the menu you quickly realize how easy you can get lost in all of the breakfast options because they have so many delicious choices.  The breakfast menu has several pages of different breakfast variety.  You have the option to build your own anything, omelets, burrito, benedicks or just a platter of what you want.  If you are a vegetarian, don’t worry they have choices for you as well.  I have had just about everything from the breakfast menu except the eggs benedict, only because I’m not a fan of those no matter where they are made.  At the Engine House Cafe, the drink menu is just as impressive.  Six choices of juice, white or chocolate milk available, coke products, tea, coffee, lemonade, cappuccino and even hot cocoa.  There is not a long wait to place your order or receive your meal.  The staff here is amazingly fast and efficient.

Isles Pub and Pizza

6232 Havelock Ave.

The Isles is most famous for their pizzas.  You can have any kind of pizza your heart desires here.  The list of toppings seems endless.  It’s a perfect location if your family is anything like mine.  I like pepperoni and cream cheese pizza.  My daughter will only eat plain cheese or hamburger pizza.  My son likes hamburger and bacon and my husband will eat anything but prefers hamburger pizza with banana peppers and bacon.  At the Isles we each order our own personal pan pizza.  Even though these pizzas are only four slices each, they are thick and will fill you up.

The pub is small inside with dimmed lighting, booths, tables and the bar of course.  The menu has much more to offer than just pizza.  They also offer a variety of subs, salads and appetizers.  I would suggest you try the wings, they are very good. The staff here is relaxed and polite.  I love the atmosphere every time I bring the family.  The prices I would say are average for a pub.  Parking is no problem here, there is off-street parking available in the front of the building and a large parking lot in the back.  They also have a reception hall.  The Isles is open from 10:30 in the morning until 1:00 the following morning, Monday through Sunday.

Bob’s Tavern

6212 Havelock Ave.

Bob’s Tavern is like a small-town bar, everyone knows everyone, and they welcome new faces.  Every time I go in there I end up meeting and chatting with new people. There is a large fenced-in area behind the building with plenty of tables and chairs.  This place offers shuffleboard, a jukebox and even live bands.  The bands play outside in the fenced area, weather permitting of course.  Inside they have a small dance floor, booths lining the walls and a few tables available.  Their drinks are on the low-priced side but don’t worry, the drinks are still amazing.  They have a rack of chips of different variations available for purchase. The atmosphere is friendly, down to earth, and relaxing.

I always have a great time there, even when the bar is slow and there are not many people around.  The best part is that there is never a cover charge, not even when they have a live band playing on the weekends.  Bob’s Tavern opens at noon every day and is open until 1:00 am every night except for Friday and Saturday nights when they stay open until 2:00 am.

Arnold’s Tavern

6113 Havelock Ave.

The bar is a long narrow bar with a heated and fenced-in beer garden in the back.  Booths line the walls with a shuffleboard table down the middle of the bar.  They also have a pool table and dartboard.  I’ve only been to this bar once and I felt welcome the moment I sat down.  The drinks were reasonably priced and the staff was attentive and friendly.  They sell small snacks like chips and Slim Jims.  They are open Monday through Thursday from 2:00 pm until 1:00 am, Fridays from 2:00 pm until 2:00 am, Saturday from 10:00 am until 2:00 am and they are closed on Sundays.

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