Is It Against The Law To Not Mention An Accident When Trading A Car In?

Is It Illegal to Not Mention an Accident When Trading a Car in? 

Some states require you to mention a car’s accident history when you trade it in or sell it. However, these guidelines vary depending on how old your car is and what effect the accident might have on its fair market value. Even if your accident is minor, you may still be asked about it by a dealership.
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Importance of obtaining a police report 

While a police report is not admissible in court, it may be helpful in a car accident case or personal injury settlement negotiation. The police report provides the buyer and seller with important information that can help them decide whether or not to settle for less. 

A police report is a document that is generated by an investigating officer at the scene of an accident. It documents the facts and events surrounding the accident and provides the insurance company with proof of the incident. 

Importance of obtaining a diminished value appraisal report 

Disappearing value is a major cause of car value reduction, and it has been observed that more expensive cars have been impacted by the problem. Disappearing value is particularly problematic with damaged cars, as their market value decreases considerably in both wholesale and retail markets. As a result, the companies AutoCheck and CarFax have launched aggressive advertising campaigns to highlight derogatory events in the vehicle’s history. 

To establish the diminished value of a car, it is important to get an appraisal report from a certified automobile appraiser. This expert will evaluate the car’s condition and history, and then use a comprehensive database of similar cars to determine the car’s diminished value. He will then provide a report detailing the value of the car. 

The legality of trading a car with accident damage 

Before you decide to trade in a car with accident damage, you should know how to make a legitimate claim for diminished value. Even minor damage to the vehicle will result in the car’s repair value depreciating. In addition, the accident will likely be reported to the police and insurance companies and will affect the vehicle’s history report. In addition, many buyers will not feel comfortable purchasing a car with accident damage. Fortunately, there are ways to get your car’s diminished value covered by your car insurance company. The first step is to file a claim with the other driver’s insurance company. 

In some states, you must disclose any accidents on your car before you sell it. However, these disclosure requirements vary depending on the age of the car and the extent of the accident’s impact on its fair market value. Although most minor accidents do not impact the car’s fair market value, some dealers may require you to disclose the damage. 

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