How To Settle A Car Accident Claim With A Lawyer

How to Settle a Car Accident Claim With a Lawyer

After an accident, the insurance company that covers the other driver should contact you and offer you a settlement. You must respond to the settlement offer within 15 days. To negotiate a settlement offer, you must have the accident report. If you do not have the report, you can request one from the police department. The report should detail the incident and include the officer’s conclusion about it. It may also include a ticket issued to the other driver.

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Settlement offers from insurance companies

Insurance adjusters often make low first offers. This is a tactic to see if you’re willing to compromise. If you don’t, make a counteroffer and demonstrate your willingness to compromise. You might even be able to secure a final settlement amount if you continue to bargain. Fortunately, insurance attorneys know to negotiate effectively with insurance companies.

Contacting the other driver’s insurance provider

During the claim process, you’ll probably be contacted by the other driver’s insurance provider. Although you’re not required to speak with this person, you should make sure you write down the information you provide. You should also avoid giving recorded statements, as this can devalue your claim. Instead, ask for the insurance company’s name and write down any information you think is important.

Negotiating with the insurance company

Before negotiating with the insurance company to settle a car crash claim, you should be aware of what you need to say. Do not be disheartened when you are rejected by the first offer. Instead, emphasize the most compelling points in your favor, such as the negligence of the other driver, the severity of your injuries, and the reasonable costs of medical treatment. Avoid arguing about minor details, which will only prolong the process.

Getting a copy of the accident report

Obtaining a copy of the police accident report is extremely important when settling a car accident claim with your lawyer. This report will detail what happened, the conclusions of the officer, and the ticket of the other driver. A copy of the report can be an invaluable resource in proving your case. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, getting a copy of the police report is a vital part of establishing your claim for damages.

Getting a demand letter from the other driver

A demand letter is an important part of a settlement negotiation process. It signals to the other party that you are prepared to settle your case without a lawsuit. When you send a demand letter, make sure to keep any detailed pain and suffering impact statements for your initial call with the insurance adjuster. The other party may not be willing to settle until you’ve gathered enough non-economic damages.

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