How To Report Someone For Drunk Driving?

How to Report Someone For Drunk Driving? 

Drunk driving is a very serious problem in the United States. In 2013, there were more than 29 people killed in drunk driving accidents every day. This is a very sad statistic and a reason for everyone to be extra vigilant when on the road. 

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There are many ways you can report someone for drunk driving if you believe that they are dangerous on the road. It’s important to do so because it will help to make our roads safer for others and reduce the amount of drunk driving accidents on the road. 

1. Keep a close eye on a driver

If you see a vehicle that is driving erratically or you notice that they are displaying other signs of being drunk, it’s important to take immediate action. Pull over and call 911 as soon as possible. Be sure to describe the car, the exact location where you saw the driver, and any other information that may aid in locating them. 

  1. Speak to the person who you think is drunk and ask them not to drive

If your friend or family member tries to drink and drive, it’s important to speak to them firmly. Alcohol has a way of changing people, so it’s important to speak to them slowly and clearly to explain that you don’t want them to drive while they are under the influence. It’s also a good idea to enlist a sober friend to help you if necessary. 

3. Designate a sober driver

Before going out to a party, ask your friends and family to designate a sober driver. This will prevent them from being tempted to get behind the wheel while they are under the influence of alcohol. This will also give you a chance to avoid getting involved in an argument or confrontation. 

4. Report the drunk driver to police

If you suspect that a friend or family member is drunk and trying to drive, it’s important to report them to police immediately. This can be a tough decision, but it’s essential to do so to ensure that your safety and the safety of others is not put at risk. 

5. Make notes on the driver’s behavior

When you see a drunk driver, it’s important to make note of their vehicle and any other details you can gather about them. This will help the authorities locate them and apprehend them. 

  1. If you are in a collision with a drunk driver, stay calm and call 911 as quickly as you can. This will allow the police to respond to the accident and help to keep your personal injuries and property damage at a minimum.

7. Record the scene of the crash

It’s always a good idea to take detailed photos of the accident site, including any injuries or damage to your own vehicle. This will help to show how the accident occurred and can help to prove that the drunk driver was under the influence at the time of the crash. 

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