How To Choose Car Accident Lawyer For Judicial Proceedings?

How to Choose a Car Accident Lawyer for Judicial Proceedings?

There are several important factors to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer. Consider his or her credentials, experience, and flexibility of fee structure. He or she should also be willing to meet with you and discuss the value of your case and how difficult it might be to get the insurance company to cough up a settlement. Listed below are some tips to help you select a competent lawyer. Before hiring any car accident lawyer, make sure to meet with several of them.

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While car accident lawsuits rarely go to trial, it is important to find an attorney with extensive experience in courtroom proceedings. There are two types of trials: jury and bench trials. A jury trial is where the jury of peers applies the law to the facts of the case. In a bench trial, the attorney represents the plaintiff in front of a judge. A bench trial is generally much faster than a jury trial, but it may still be necessary to hire a lawyer with jury experience. 


If you are involved in an auto accident, you should find out the credentials of a car accident lawyer before proceeding with the legal process. Typically, you will need to hire a lawyer for judicial proceedings if you want to recover damages from the other driver. An attorney will organize all the evidence, draft a settlement demand letter to the insurance company, file the paperwork necessary to start the case and deal with the defense attorneys on your behalf. It can be overwhelming to handle the legal process alone, but hiring an attorney is the best way to avoid this. 

Flexible fee structure 

When choosing a car accident lawyer for judicial proceedings, you must consider his fee structure. Generally, the fees charged by car accident lawyers are usually on a contingency fee basis, with the client paying a certain percentage of the settlement amount. This fee structure is preferred as it is flexible and avoids the risk of losing a case. On the other hand, some car accident attorneys offer specific legal services for a set fee. For example, a demand letter for the at-fault driver may cost $300 to $1,000. 

Initial investigation 

A skilled personal injury lawyer will thoroughly investigate the accident to determine fault and damages. During the investigation, the attorney will collect various types of evidence and analyze them. Especially, it is important to gather evidence that establishes no contribution or negligence on the part of the other party. In Virginia, contributory negligence is a defense against the recovery of damages in such a case. To get a favorable outcome, the attorney will be able to determine whether the other party was at fault or not. 

Preserving evidence 

If you have been involved in a car accident, it is imperative to preserve evidence, as it can be essential for proving your claim. Even if the other party does not admit fault, evidence from the crash can help you make your case. If you did not receive medical attention immediately after the collision, this may be the best time to do so. Your smartphone camera may have captured the entire accident scene, but it cannot timestamp images. To preserve this evidence, you should email it to yourself or someone you trust. 

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