How To Avoid Truck Accidents?

How to Avoid Truck Accidents? 

Trucks are a big part of our daily lives, but they can also cause a lot of damage to people and other vehicles on the road. As a result, it is important for everyone to know how to avoid truck accidents. 

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Give the Truck Plenty of Space 

Large trucks are larger and heavier than most passenger cars, which makes them more difficult to stop safely. This means that you should always give a truck at least four seconds of space when passing. This extra time will allow the truck driver to see you and react accordingly, should the situation arise. 

Keep a Safe Distance from the Truck 

You should never pass a commercial truck on the right side of the road, or merge in front of one. This can cause a serious accident and could lead to injury or even death. In addition, you should never change lanes in front of a truck without checking to see that the trucker is still there and not moving. 

Likewise, do not make a wide turn into the right lane of traffic if you are driving on the left side of the road, as this can also be dangerous. This is because you could get stuck between the curb and the truck, or you could be in a truck’s blind spot. 

Maintain a Consistent Speed 

Due to the fact that trucks are so much bigger than most cars, they can take longer to travel at high speeds. This means that you should always follow the posted speed limit, but you should drive even slower in the event of heavy traffic or poor weather conditions. 

Be Visible 

The biggest problem that truckers face is not being able to see what’s in their path. This is because they have larger blind spots than normal automobiles. Luckily, a decal on many trucks warns drivers to stay out of their blind spots when behind or next to them. 

Signal Before Making a Change of Lanes 

Another common mistake that people make when driving around large trucks is changing lanes or turning suddenly without giving them enough warning. This is why it’s so important to activate your turn signal several seconds before changing lanes or making a turn. This will give other drivers time to move out of their way and can prevent an accident from occurring. 

Watch Your Mirrors 

A major reason for the majority of truck accidents is that the drivers on the road are not paying attention to what is happening in their surroundings. This is why it’s so important for truck drivers to check their mirrors regularly to ensure that they are visible to other motorists. 

Pay Attention and Be Predictable 

Trucks are often on the road for long hours, and this can increase the chances of driver error. To avoid being distracted, it’s a good idea to put your cell phone away and focus on the road. If you must text, use your hands-free device so that you can focus on the road. 

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