How Often Do Truck Drivers Get Into Accidents?

How Often Do Truck Drivers Get into Accidents? 

When people hear the term “truck driver,” they think of a hard-working, dedicated professional who spends their days hauling loads of cargo from one place to another. The truth, however, is that truck drivers are far from immune to accidents on the road. In fact, they account for a significant percentage of all motor vehicle accidents in the country. 

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How often do truck drivers get into accidents? 

While there are several factors that can cause truck accidents, the most common and most serious are driver error or negligence and trucking company mistakes. 

1. Driver Error or Negligence: 

The most common and potentially deadly causes of truck crashes are driver error, including driving while fatigued or distracted. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) notes that 12% of truck accidents are due to driver fatigue, which can be caused by long hours on the road or by a lack of sleep. 

2. Mechanical Defects: 

Trucks are very large and heavy, which can make them difficult to control on the road. This can lead to a variety of problems, such as rolling over and losing cargo. Moreover, faulty construction, maintenance errors and defective tires can also cause accidents. 

3. Injuries: 

Even the smallest of accidents can result in severe injuries. Injuries can include broken bones, whiplash, and head trauma. These can cause permanent damage and even death if they aren’t treated immediately. 

4. Passenger Injuries: 

Aside from physical injuries, many accidents also involve injuries to passengers in other vehicles. Injuries to passenger passengers can range from soft tissue damage to severe head trauma, internal bleeding, and spinal cord damage. 

5. Property Damage: 

While the property of other people involved in a crash is usually the first thing on people’s minds after a crash, it’s important to remember that the damage caused by a truck accident can be just as bad. While some trucks have minimal damage, other vehicles can be completely destroyed in a crash. 

6. Other Types of Collisions: 

In addition to the usual head-on and rear-end collisions, a significant number of truck accidents also take place at intersections. These crashes can be particularly dangerous because they typically involve a T-bone-style accident. 

7. Underride: 

Similarly, to other accidents, underride collisions can be incredibly dangerous. This happens when a passenger vehicle is following too closely behind a commercial truck, or when a passenger vehicle slides underneath the side of a truck from either the rear or the front. 

8. Other Damages: 

Besides the physical injuries and damages that can occur in a truck accident, emotional damage is also quite common. Emotional pain, anxiety, and depression can be very difficult to recover from. If you have experienced any of these symptoms after a truck accident, talk to your doctor. 

9. Work Zone Crashes: 

Almost a third of all fatal collisions involving large trucks and other vehicles take place in work zones, where there are often many hazards that truckers have to deal with. These hazards can include uneven pavement, tar, heavy traffic, construction, winding roads, and other obstacles. These can all lead to accidents and create a dangerous situation for everyone on the road, including truckers. 

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