How Much To Get Back From Car Accident Pain And Suffering With Lawyer Involved?

How Much to Get Back from Car Accident Pain and Suffering with Lawyer Involved? 

To determine how much to recover from a car accident for pain and suffering, you need to contact a personal injury attorney. These attorneys have experience in dealing with this type of case and can look at past Florida settlements and jury verdicts to determine how much you should expect to recover. As a general rule, however, the amount will depend on the severity of your injuries and whether or not you will need long-term medical care.
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Calculating pain and suffering damages 

There are several factors to consider when calculating car accident pain and suffering damages with a lawyer involved. First, the severity of your injuries will dictate how much you are entitled to. A minor injury that requires little time to recover may only receive a 1.5-to-two multiplier while a catastrophic injury with life-long ramifications could receive a five-to-six-figure award. If you’re unsure of how much you’re entitled to, consult your attorney or settlement calculator to get a ballpark estimate of how much your case is worth. 

Loss of income 

Depending on the severity of the injuries sustained, you can get anywhere from $1 million to $2 million for pain and suffering. Your medical bills may also be higher than your initial claim, but the insurance company must set aside an appropriate reserve to cover these expenses. If you were on the phone when the accident occurred, for example, the compensation for pain and suffering may be higher than the policy limit. 

Medical bills 

The amount of pain and suffering that a victim of a car accident can recover from the at-fault party will depend on the type of injury sustained. If the other party is found at fault, the insurance company may cover some of the costs, and in many cases, the verdict will cover the rest of the victim’s medical expenses. However, some victims can receive a larger amount if they have more serious injuries and long-term limitations. 

Florida statute of limitations 

The Florida statute of limitations for car accident pain and injury claims is four years. However, there are exceptions, such as when an injured person’s injuries first manifest months after the accident. Survivors of a fatal accident, for example, have two years from the date of death to file a claim. Depending on the severity of the injury, a judge may extend the deadline. Listed below are some of the exceptions that will extend your time to file a claim. 

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