How Many Years In Prison For Drunk Driving?

How Long is a Jail Sentence For Drunk Driving? 

Depending on the state and the facts of the case, many factors play into the length of a jail sentence for a DUI. Some states have mandatory minimums for first-time offenders, but others give judges discretion to determine the length of jail time. Other states require a certain number of alcohol abuse treatment classes or community service or require a minimum number of days in jail. 

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The length of a jail sentence for a DUI can also vary depending on the amount of alcohol a person has consumed. In most cases, a first-time offender can expect to spend between one and six months in jail. For second and subsequent convictions, the jail time may be longer. In some cases, the first offender can avoid jail by taking an alcohol abuse treatment program, such as Alcoholics Anonymous or community service. 

DUI penalties can also vary depending on the blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of the driver. A higher BAC will result in greater jail time. In some cases, a DUI defendant may be required to install an ignition interlock device on his or her vehicle, which only allows the vehicle to be started if the driver’s BAC is below a certain level. 

In addition to jail time, DUI defendants may face fines, alcohol treatment, community service, and more. Some jurisdictions also have a work furlough program, which allows eligible defendants to work, take public transportation to work, and live in a county-based facility. In some cases, a defendant may be placed under house arrest, which involves wearing a GPS anklet and a SCRAM device. 

DUI offenders may also have their driver’s license suspended, and may have their vehicles impounded for a certain period. The length of jail time for DUI depends on the number of previous DUI convictions, the aggravating factors involved in the case, and the driver’s blood alcohol content. 

The most common jail time for DUI is a year, but some states have shorter and longer jail sentences. For example, in Colorado, the minimum jail time is five days for a first-time offender. In New Jersey, the maximum is 30 days. In Texas, the jail time is usually three days. 

If a person is charged with a first-degree felony, he or she faces a prison term of five years to life. Second-degree felony DUIs carry prison sentences of two to ten years. Felony DUIs involving a criminal vehicular homicide can also result in prison time. In addition, a person convicted of a felony DUI that results in death or serious bodily harm may be required to serve a term of two to twenty years. Intoxication manslaughter is another felony that requires a prison sentence of two to twenty years. 

First-offense DUIs are considered misdemeanors in many states. In other states, a first-time DUI is a civil infraction. In some jurisdictions, a first-time DUI defendant can avoid jail by participating in an alcohol abuse treatment program, community service, or by taking an alcohol assessment. 

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