How Many Teenagers Die A Year From Drunk Driving?

How Many Teenagers Die a Year From Drunk Driving? 

Thousands of teens die every year in motor vehicle crashes, largely due to drunk driving. While some changes in the law have reduced drunk driving accidents among young drivers, there are still too many deaths from this tragic cause. Alcohol is involved in 60% of all teen deaths from car crashes. Fortunately, there are steps that parents can take to protect their children from the deadly effects of alcohol. 

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One of the main reasons why teen drinking and driving has decreased so much in recent years is because of the harsher punishments in place for those who are arrested for DUI. This is because it is a crime to have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher in any state in the United States. When a teenager is arrested, he or she usually receives a suspended license and an arrest record. Often, these consequences are enough to keep a teenage driver out of the car for some time. 

Another factor that increases the risk of a teen driver being in a crash is the amount of alcohol that a teen drinks. Teens tend to have a very low tolerance for alcohol. A teenager who drinks just one drink is likely to become intoxicated and drive without realizing what he or she is doing. This is especially dangerous for a teen in a high-speed collision. This is because alcohol suppresses a hormone in the brain, which causes the teen to react slowly to the surroundings. This leads to a crash that often involves broken bones and soft tissue damage. 

Several studies have found that a teen is at a greater risk of being in a drunk driving accident than an adult. A teen’s ability to make decisions is also lower when he or she is drunk. This can result in several negative outcomes, including accidents and poor decisions. This is why parents need to be involved in their teen’s life. They can offer positive encouragement and help them avoid drinking and driving. 

Another reason why teen drinking and driving has declined in recent years is that teens are more aware of the consequences of driving while intoxicated. Approximately 85% of all teens who report drinking and driving in the previous month binge drink, meaning they have consumed five or more alcoholic drinks within a couple of hours. When a teen gets into a car with a drunk driver, they are putting everyone around them at a higher risk for injury or death. This is why it is so important to educate teens about the dangers of drinking and driving. 

A majority of teenagers who are injured in drunk driving crashes were not wearing seat belts, which is a major contributor to the high rates of death and injury that are associated with this form of a car accident. Even though the rate of drunk driving crashes among teenagers has fallen significantly, there is still a need for more education and social acceptance of this dangerous behavior. 

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