How Many People Die From Motorcycle Accidents A Year?

How Many People Die From Motorcycle Accidents a Year? 

Every year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tracks more than eight thousand motorcycle accident injuries and fatalities. Approximately 6.2 million people ride motorcycles in the U.S. Regardless of protective gear, motorcycle accidents can still be deadly. Whether you’re riding alone or with a group, wearing a helmet is important to your safety. 

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Motorcycle accidents are one of the most common forms of traffic fatalities, accounting for one in seven deaths. Each year, these accidents cost society an estimated $6 to $12 billion. To prevent motorcycle fatalities, it’s important to follow safety guidelines. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers more information. 

During the same period, total traffic fatalities fell by 23 percent. This decline was due in part to the fact that more people are riding motorcycles. Still, officials have trouble identifying what causes motorcycle accidents. For example, a lack of training or gear can make it difficult for a motorcyclist to avoid an accident. 


Deaths from motorcycle crashes are 29 times higher per mile than those of cars. The primary reason is that motorcycles are less stable and visible, and riders do not have the protection provided by an enclosed vehicle. As a result, riders are at an increased risk for head injuries and other serious injuries. Helmets can protect riders from these risks and prevent brain injuries. However, only 18 states require all riders to wear a helmet. Despite their effectiveness, some riders still do not wear helmets, which is why helmets are so important. 

While it is too early to conclude, recent statistics show that California and Texas are the two states with the highest rates of motorcycle accident deaths. In 2019, California and Texas were the most dangerous states for motorcycle riders, according to the NSC. 


A motorcycle accident can occur for many different reasons. A driver may not be paying attention to the road, be distracted while driving, or be under the influence of alcohol. All of these factors may lead to a crash and can result in serious injuries for both parties. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents occur due to driver error and are preventable. Here are some of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents. To avoid getting in one of these accidents, you should always remember to take extra precautions when driving, as well as obey traffic laws. 

Despite this, motorcycle crashes can still be fatal. The most common cause of motorcycle accidents is careless driving. A crash caused by carelessness may result in a driver swerving across the road, striking a tree, or even crashing into a car. In some cases, it may not be possible to determine who was at fault. In other cases, the driver may have been distracted while texting or driving. 

Properly fitted helmets 

Motorcycle helmets are essential for preventing fatal motorcycle accidents. According to the Insurance Information Institute, a properly fitted helmet can prevent as many as 5,000 crashes a year. The statistics are particularly frightening because motorcycles are so vulnerable to road hazards, including distracted drivers, congested streets, and street debris. As such, riders must wear proper safety gear when riding a motorcycle, including a properly fitted helmet, regardless of state law. 

Motorcycle helmets are made specifically for motorcycle riding and are designed to absorb impact energy. They have many applications, including in sports and the military. Many state laws require all motorcycle helmets to meet federal standards. 

Number of fatalities 

According to the latest data, the number of motorcycle fatalities in the US is increasing. Even though motorcyclists are safer in closed vehicles, they are less visible. They are also less stable, making them more vulnerable to crashes. A motorcycle also requires different physical and mental skills to operate than a car. Also, the weather and road conditions can pose additional hazards. 

The most common locations for motorcycle accidents occur on highways. This is because many crashes involve two vehicles. Two-wheeled motorcycles account for 90 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes. The number of fatal motorcycle crashes tends to be higher in states with longer riding seasons and warmer climates. 

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