How Many Motorcycle Related Accidents Occur A Year?

How Many Motorcycle-Related Accidents Occur in a Year? 

Across the United States, motorcycles account for about one-fifth of all traffic fatalities. These figures have increased over the past decade. The number of motorcycle-related accidents has never dropped below 81,000 in a given year. However, the numbers are varying from state to state. 

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Motorcycle accidents are a result of several factors, including road hazards, weather conditions, and rider error. Motorcycles are less stable than cars or trucks and tend to be more vulnerable to these hazards. In addition, motorcycles are less visible than other vehicles, which can increase the risk of collisions. It is important to know the factors that cause motorcycle accidents and how to avoid them. 

Most fatal motorcycle crashes occurred in the daytime. However, a significant number of fatalities occurred at night. This is mainly because motorcycles are vulnerable to adverse weather conditions. For example, rain reduces traction, and fog decreases visibility. Therefore, motorcycle riders should make sure they wear high-visibility jackets. This will also help minimize the severity of injuries. 

Motorcycles are more vulnerable to crashes at intersections. Drivers often fail to yield and run red lights. This is one of the leading causes of motorcycle accidents at intersections. In addition, drivers who are under the influence of alcohol are more likely to be involved in an accident than sober drivers. Those who are intoxicated have impaired reaction times and are therefore more likely to be involved in an accident. 

Motorcycle fatalities have increased dramatically over the past decade. While a decrease was recorded in 2018, the numbers are still on the rise. In 2018, motorcyclists were involved in over 5,000 crashes, resulting in over 84,000 injuries. 

The most common motorcycle accident involves a head-on collision with another vehicle. In addition, a large number of fatal collisions involved other vehicles overtaking or passing motorcycles. Interestingly, more motorcycles were involved in collisions with other vehicles going straight than those going curved. This may be because motorcycles are not designed with traditional protections. A fuel system leak is another common cause of motorcycle crashes, and this presents an unusually high risk of fire. 

Motorcycle accidents are more likely to occur during the weekend. Half of all fatal crashes occur between 6:00 p.m. and 5:59 a.m., and half of these fatalities occurred on Fridays and Saturdays. This is a big reason why it is important to practice safe driving during the weekends. 

Motorcycles are also more likely to be involved in collisions with fixed objects. 19 percent of all fatal motorcycle crashes involve collisions with fixed objects. This means that motorcycles are more likely to be involved in collisions with things such as trees and pedestrians. During these crashes, motorcycle riders are more likely to suffer severe injuries. 

The highest percentage of motorcycle fatalities occur on weekends. According to NHTSA statistics, motorcyclists were involved in 1.8 times more fatal crashes on weekends than on weekdays. The 25-to-29 age group was the most likely to be involved in fatal motorcycle crashes on the weekends. 


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