How Many Motorcycle Accidents Injure Car Drivers?

How Many Motorcycle Accidents Injure Car Drivers? 

Despite their relatively small size, motorcycles are often involved in fatal accidents. For instance, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported that 975 out of every 100,000 motorcyclists were injured in crashes in 2019. That means that if you are involved in a motorcycle crash, your chances of dying are higher than if you were in a car accident. 

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Another common reason for motorcycle accidents is speeding. Speeding creates more force in a collision, resulting in greater injuries. Speeding also reduces the visibility of the motorcycle, making it more difficult to avoid a crash. Another reason for a motorcycle crash is a driver’s failure to observe road rules. This is especially true if the driver is turning left, which is a common place for motorcycles to collide with cars. 

Motorcyclists should also wear a helmet. While this is not mandatory, it can reduce the risk of death or injury. If you are not wearing a helmet, you are at risk of having a brain injury, which can affect your ability to perform even the most basic of tasks. 

It is also important to avoid road rage. Many drivers are distracted by cell phones and other electronics, which can result in a crash. Similarly, older drivers are more likely to make mistakes on the road. They also seem less aware of the rules of the road than their younger counterparts. 

In addition to speeding and driving carelessly, many motorcycle accidents involve the use of cell phones. Combined with a general inability to see motorcyclists, cell phone use is a leading cause of motorcycle crashes. 

Other factors that contribute to motorcycle accidents include lane splitting, which is when a motorcyclist drives down the centerline of the road. The practice is not illegal in all states, but it does increase the chances of an accident. 

Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is the lack of safety equipment. Motorcycles lack airbags, helmets, and other safety features that make them less secure than cars and SUVs. They also do not have a protective barrier between the pavement and the rider. During a crash, a rider is exposed to sudden flames and the overwhelming force of a motor vehicle. Similarly, a biker is also more likely to be thrown from the bike in the initial impact of a crash. 

Other factors contributing to motorcycle crashes include inadequate braking and other rider errors. For instance, a rider might run wide on a curve because he or she was over-braking. It’s also common for a rider to under-corner a curve, resulting in a crash. 

The medical care involved in a motorcycle accident can be extensive and expensive. If you have suffered an injury, you may want to seek compensation for the costs of your medical care. Whether you need stitches for lacerations or extensive surgery to treat a broken bone, the cost of treatment can be significant. A hospital stay can cost hundreds of dollars, and an ambulance ride can cost over $1,000. 


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