How Many Hit And Run Cases Are Solved?

How Many Hit and Run Cases Are Solved? 

In New York City, only about a quarter of fatal hit-and-run accidents are solved. That number is much higher than the national average. In Los Angeles, however, 92% of hit-and-run cases are solved. Meanwhile, in Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, only about 30% are solved.

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In New York City, 26 percent of hit-and-run accidents are solved 

The vast majority of hit-and-run accidents are unsolved. However, in some cases, the driver has not been caught or the victim is left without compensation. This is a problem that advocates say should be addressed. The city’s Police Department is required by law to report the number of hit-and-run accidents each quarter. 

In Los Angeles, 92% 

The LAPD works to solve hit-and-run cases by utilizing the community, media, and department resources. The majority of hit-and-run cases are unsolved due to a lack of witnesses and evidence. Only 43% of reported hit-and-run cases have been successfully solved in the last five years. Furthermore, the average number of hit-and-run collisions is significantly lower than in other major cities, such as New York, Chicago, and Houston. 

In Washington, D.C. 

Hit and run is a crime in the District of Columbia that is commonly committed when a driver causes an accident and then leaves the scene. There are several penalties for hit-and-run drivers, including steep fines and up to 180 days in jail. Aside from jail time, the conviction will appear on your criminal record and may hinder your future job prospects. 

In Baltimore, 30% 

While the city has seen a rise in homicides in recent years, clearance rates have remained remarkably stable. In Baltimore, homicides cleared up nearly four out of every five cases. The national average is 56.7%, but Baltimore has only managed to clear up about 30 percent of these crimes. The Baltimore Police Department has been working to make sure its officers can do their jobs as effectively as possible. In addition to reuniting neighborhoods, the city is also working to hire a new generation of officers. 

In San Francisco, 40% 

Hit-and-run accidents can be dangerous for bicyclists in San Francisco. Since they’re nearly unprotected, bicyclists are particularly vulnerable to fatal motor vehicle crashes. Hit-and-run drivers often flee the scene, leaving the victim with no way to identify the offender. Unfortunately, less than half of California’s hit-and-run cases are solved. 

In Philadelphia, 45% 

In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, there are nearly 40 hit-and-run cases per day. Most of these incidents result in injuries and damaged property. Some of them involve fatalities. Of these, 24 have gone unsolved. Xavier Moy, a five-year-old boy, died as a result of a hit and run. His mother has been grieving for weeks. 

In Washington, D.C., 45% 

Washington, D.C. is an urban area of about 68 square miles, and many people walk, bike, or use the Metro to get to work. Because of the high amount of pedestrian traffic, hit-and-run crimes are often a serious concern. As a result, drivers in this area are required to carry auto insurance. 

In Chicago, 45% 

There are about a hundred hit-and-run cases per day in Chicago, and thousands of people are injured or killed in these accidents every year. While many hit-and-run cases are solved quickly, many are not. Chicago police solve only a small percentage of them, with just 95 arrests in 2021, or less than three arrests per thousand hit-and-run crashes. 

In Los Angeles, 45% 

Despite the number of people killed in hit-and-run accidents, police in Los Angeles are only able to solve about half of them. Police blame the increasing number of uninsured drivers and the punitive tone of state legislatures. They suggest increased penalties and law enforcement resources as the key to curbing hit-and-runs. In Los Angeles, traffic officers credited new state laws that require drivers to provide proof of insurance before registering their vehicles and empower authorities to impound vehicles that fail to show insurance. However, experts wonder if these laws have made uninsured drivers less likely to stop after a crash. 

In Washington, D.C., 35% 

Whether the hit-and-run was accidental or intentional, the driver involved should be held accountable for his actions. The hit-and-run statute in DC requires drivers to stop at the scene of the collision. Violations can result in severe penalties. 


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