How Many Drunk Driving Death On New Years Eve?

How Many Drunk Driving Deaths on New Year’s Eve? 

During the holidays, many people travel by car. The biggest reason for this is that families like to spend time together. But, as with any time of year, there are risks involved. One of the major concerns is drunk driving, which can be very dangerous. A person who has been drinking can become confused, drowsy, or lose his or her focus. This can result in crashes, injuries, and even deaths. 

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New Year’s Eve is an especially dangerous day to be on the road. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has found that alcohol-related car crashes spike on this holiday. More people die on the road on this holiday than on any other day of the year. Almost half of all alcohol-related accidents happen on New Year’s Day, and the risk of being injured or killed is higher than on a normal day. 

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has been tracking how many drunk driving deaths occur on the roads during the holidays. They have been doing this for over a decade and have found that there are several reasons why this happens. Most of the time, it is because the drivers are unable to stay between the lines. They may be speeding, swerving, or pausing too long at stops. In addition, drunk drivers are often unable to stay in the right lane. In some cases, a drunk driver will cross the center line, hit a pedestrian, or get in a head-on collision. 

This is a good reason to not drink and drive. Many places have crackdowns on drunk drivers during the holidays. You can avoid this by staying home or using public transportation to get home. If you do decide to go out, be sure that you secure a rideshare service that can pick you up if you get sober. It is also a good idea to call a personal injury lawyer if you are hurt by a drunk driver. 

The National Safety Council predicts that 430 people will be killed on the road this year. This is up from the 29 people who died in 2015. The NHTSA estimates that 427 people will be killed in auto accidents over the entire holiday period. Despite the increase, New Year’s Eve is still one of the deadliest days for drunk driving. 

While the numbers of drunk driving crashes and deaths on New Year’s Day are higher than on any other day of the year, the numbers of fatalities are still a fraction of the average. This is because most crashes take place after midnight when most party-goers have gone home. 

In addition to the higher number of drunk driving fatalities, other problems can arise on the road. Most accidents involve drunk drivers, and those who have been drinking are also more likely to have a blood alcohol concentration that is higher than the legal limit of 0.08%. 

The average number of alcohol-related crashes on the New Year’s holiday is 58% higher than on any other day. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has found that this is because drunk drivers are more likely to be involved in a crash. In addition, alcohol use is also common at holiday parties, which increases the risk of driving under the influence. 

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