How Long Does Lawyer Take To Finish A Settle A Car Accident Case?

How Long Does a Car Accident Lawyer Take to Settle a Case? 

How long does a car accident lawyer take to settle a case? It depends on how complex and large the case is. The process can be lengthy, and you may want to know the time frame before signing on the dotted line. Typically, a case will be ready for trial between 18 months and three years after the accident. Getting the right medical records will be key, and you will need to provide them to your lawyer.personal injury lawyer

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How long does a car accident lawyer take to settle a case? 

Depending on the circumstances, car accidents may be long and difficult to prove fault. The process of establishing fault may take weeks or months. In states where the law allows for comparative negligence, eyewitness depositions can take even longer. Often, it is difficult to coordinate the interviews of eyewitnesses and gather relevant information. A car accident lawyer can assist you with the logistics and planning of this process. 

The process starts with a Summons and Complaint, which makes numerous legal allegations. This document is served to the defendants by a process server. The defendant’s insurance company then hires a defense lawyer to represent them. That defense lawyer will serve a document called the Answer to the lawsuit that denies the majority of the allegations contained in the Summons and Complaint. 

Medical records are essential for a car accident lawyer 

Whether or not you have an injury claim, you must get copies of your medical records and billing information as soon as possible. Your medical records should cover your entire medical history, from the moment you were injured to when you last went to the doctor. Your medical records should include a full description of your injuries, including what treatment you’ve received and how much your health bills total. In addition, they should include your current condition, including any potential future conditions. These documents are very important for your car accident attorney to have to finish your settlement case successfully. 

Obtaining and retaining your medical records is an important part of the settlement process. Not only do they prove that you sustained a physical injury, but they can also be used as evidence to conclude who was responsible for your injury. Often, medical records are the only piece of evidence necessary to win a personal injury claim. Therefore, you should be careful to protect your medical records, even if you are sure it won’t affect your case negatively. 

Getting a car accident lawyer to settle a case 

Hiring a car accident lawyer is an excellent way to avoid paying out of pocket after a crash. Most car accident lawyers charge a contingency fee, based on a percentage of the money they recover in a settlement. This fee can range anywhere from 25 percent to 40%, with the average being 33 percent. Be aware that this percentage may increase if your case cannot be resolved through negotiation or if it needs to go to court. Before hiring a car accident lawyer, carefully read the contract and understand your rights and obligations. 

It is important to know that the insurance adjuster will want to record your statements. If you were seriously injured in the accident, you’ll almost certainly get less than the value of your case. This is because most insurance claims adjusters will need your statement to lower the settlement offer and pass this information to your lawyers. The insurance company will also use your statement against you to cross-examine you and your lawyer. 

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