How Long Does It Take To Get Caught For A Hit And Run?

How Long Does It Take to Get Caught For a Hit and Run? 

The legal process for a hit-and-run case can be drawn out over many months. Many factors can delay the investigation, including the time it takes to collect information from the scene, whether there was no video camera in the area, and whether the driver suffered any severe injuries. This means that you need to contact a lawyer immediately after the accident to ensure that you have enough time to bring your case to trial.

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Statute of limitations 

If you’re charged with hit and run, you have a few options for defense. One option is to claim you were unaware of the accident. A motorist who is merging into the lane may veer to the side of the road to avoid colliding with the other car. This can be an effective defense because the motorist would not have noticed the other vehicle and may not have known an accident was occurring behind them. 

If you’re at fault in a hit-and-run accident, you’ll likely have to deal with a felony charge. This type of charge requires that you get caught within three years of the accident. In most cases, you’ll get a misdemeanor charge if you caused property damage, but not personal injury. Most jurisdictions only prosecute drivers who knew they caused an accident. 


If you have been involved in a hit-and-run accident, you could face hefty fines and other consequences. You could end up in jail for up to 15 days, receive a suspended driver’s license for at least three years, and see your auto insurance rates rise. To lessen the impact, consider taking a defensive driving course. Online programs like Ticket School provide DMV-approved defensive driving courses. 

Penalties for hit-and-run offenses vary depending on the severity of the accident. If the driver was driving while under the influence of alcohol or another controlled substance, they could be subject to hefty fines. If the driver was driving without a license, they could also be facing higher penalties. 

Finding a driver 

After a hit-and-run accident, one of the first things you may be worried about is finding the driver. While there are many ways to find someone, it is important to remember that you can only hold the driver accountable if you know their identity. A police report and DMV records can help the police track down the driver. 

You can also call witnesses of the accident to see if they have any information. This information could be vital for the police and your lawyer. You can also get information from businesses that may have video cameras. 

Getting a lawyer 

Getting a lawyer for a hit-and-run case is important for any victim of an accident. These cases can be complex and messy, especially when insurance companies and other parties are involved. Moreover, these cases may not be settled without litigation and may need to go to trial. Therefore, you need an attorney who has trial experience and can aggressively pursue your claim. 

Hiring an attorney for a hit-and-run accident can help you get maximum compensation, which will help you cope with unexpected expenses like medical bills, car repairs, and more. Your attorney will also investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident to identify the driver and pursue legal action. 

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