How Long Does It Take For Police To Investigate Hit And Run?

How Long Does It Take For Police to Investigate a Hit and Run Case? 

The time it takes for police to investigate a hit-and-run case depends on how quickly the perpetrator can be located. Sometimes, it can take months, while in other cases, the police can find the perpetrator very quickly. This can happen if a vehicle registration number or CCTV footage is available, which may help to catch the perpetrator.

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Laws of the state where the accident happens 

A hit-and-run is a crime that occurs when a driver tries to flee the scene of an accident without providing information. This crime usually results in civil liability, but there are instances where a hit-and-run driver can be charged with a felony. The victim of a hit-and-run has the right to seek compensation for damages and medical expenses. To get compensation for these damages, you must contact a qualified auto accident attorney. 

If you are the victim of a hit-and-run accident, it’s essential to document the facts of the accident and write down your statements. You should also check local traffic and security cameras for any surveillance footage that may have been captured. If there are any, these videos could be of help in identifying the at-fault driver. Lastly, be sure to notify your insurance company. In some states, you must do this to collect any insurance payments. 

The evidence available in a hit-and-run case 

The best way to prove who was at fault in a hit-and-run accident is by gathering evidence. This evidence includes the license plate number of the vehicle that caused the accident and witness statements. Traffic cam footage can help identify the at-fault driver. If the video footage is not available, witnesses must be truthful and have a good memory to identify the other driver. 

The time it takes to complete an investigation in a hit-and-run case will depend on the available evidence and state law. Minor hit-and-run cases typically require less time than serious ones because of the smaller impact. However, the police department’s workload can also make a difference in how long it takes to complete the investigation. If a department is overburdened, it can take a long time to get to the scene of the accident. 

Timeline of an investigation 

The time required to complete an investigation of a hit-and-run depends on several factors, including the available evidence. For instance, if the driver of a vehicle that hit another car has a license plate, the investigation can take less time than it would if the owner was unknown. Witness testimony, traffic camera evidence, and other factors can also shorten the time required to determine who is at fault. 

After the accident, the police team will conduct a preliminary investigation. This will include determining what evidence is available and how to proceed. They will also gather witnesses’ and victims’ statements. They will also take photographs and video footage of the scene. 

Getting a police report after a hit-and-run accident 

In the aftermath of a hit-and-run accident, it is important to call the police and give them your statement. The police will investigate the scene and assess your case. You should also take detailed notes, including identifying information about the car and the driver’s physical characteristics. 

Police officers understand the importance of an accident report and will work as quickly as possible to complete one. In most cases, a preliminary accident report will be ready for filing with the court or your insurance company within three to five business days. However, you may be required to wait longer, as some police departments follow different procedures and guidelines. 

Impact of surveillance footage on a case 

There are several ways to use surveillance footage in a court case. The first method is to obtain the footage from surveillance cameras. Many businesses and homes have these cameras installed. This way, they can be used for several purposes. But, there are certain risks involved with using this kind of footage. For example, property owners may not turn over the surveillance footage to the court. If this happens, the court can issue a subpoena to obtain the footage. 

Surveillance footage can also help identify suspects. If a case is successfully solved, the recorded footage can help police identify potential suspects and help them in the legal process. This is especially true when security cameras are IP-based, as these cameras are easier to review, search, and share with law enforcement authorities. Since eyewitness testimony is not always reliable, security camera recordings can serve as definitive evidence about the suspects. In addition, surveillance footage can help protect law enforcement officers from allegations that they acted improperly in the field. 


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