How Long Does A Lawyer Have To Settle After A Car Accident?

How Long Does a Lawyer Have to Settle After a Car Accident? 

A lawsuit is not the only option when you’re involved in a car accident. Depending on the circumstances, you might have to settle with the other driver’s insurance company, or you might need to take the case to court. No matter which method you choose, you need to know how long it takes to get a settlement. This will depend on several factors, including how the insurance company handles your claim and the complexity of the case. 

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Ideally, you should start your legal case within two years of the accident. However, you may still be able to file a lawsuit even if you’ve been injured for more than a year. In Georgia, for example, you have two years to file a personal injury or property damage lawsuit. You can also file an appeal, which will add another six months to a year. 

The legal system is complex and it takes a great deal of time to get a court case resolved. You’ll need to collect and review a lot of information, as well as make sure you have the best evidence to support your claim. It’s important to have a good attorney on your side, however, because they can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. 

One of the most common reasons that a car accident settlement takes longer than expected is because of the severity of the injuries you have sustained. Even though a simple car crash might not require more than a few days of medical care, you’ll need to document everything and prove that you were injured. Your attorney can also ask your doctor to provide an estimate of how much future medical expenses will be, so you can make a better choice about how to handle your compensation. 

It’s not uncommon for an insurance company to drag its feet on paying an attorney, and that can affect your chances of getting the settlement you’re seeking. They will want to minimize payouts, so they might try to convince you that your injuries weren’t the result of the crash. Another reason for a slow settlement process is that your lawyer might need to file a subrogation lien against the at-fault party’s insurance company. 

While you’re waiting for a settlement, you’ll want to focus on your recovery. Getting the right treatment will go a long way toward your health. If you fail to get the proper medical care, you’ll have a harder time recovering and the amount you’ll be offered in a settlement may not be worth it. 

While you’re recovering, you might have to pay your attorney’s fees and outstanding medical bills. Once the formal settlement is signed, you’ll receive a check for the money you’ve negotiated. On average, you’ll be refunded within thirty days after the settlement is finalized. 

There’s no need to rush the settlement process. It can take weeks or months to get the financial assistance you need to cover your losses. During this time, you can’t expect to be able to work, travel, or enjoy any of the things you enjoyed before the crash. 

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