How Long Can You Get Arrested For Drunk Driving?

How Long Can You Get Arrested For Drunk Driving? 

How long can you get arrested for drunk driving depends on several factors, including the state where you are arrested, the crime, and the severity of the charge. The more serious the crime, the longer the time you could spend in jail. Some states will also suspend your license if you are charged with drunk driving. 

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Generally, the maximum prison time for a first-offense DUI is one year. However, if you are convicted of a subsequent offense, you could receive up to two years in prison. Several factors, such as your previous record and if there was an accident, can play a role in your sentence. 

In addition to prison, the first time you are arrested for a DUI, you may also face fines and penalties, such as an ignition interlock device. These are designed to prevent you from getting behind the wheel after drinking. If you are caught drunk while driving, your car will be impounded, and you will have to retrieve it from the impound. 

You may need to contact an attorney if you are arrested for a DUI. Typically, the arrest involves putting you in the back of a police car and handcuffing you. At this point, you will be given paperwork that outlines your upcoming court date. Before you leave the police station, you will be told to go to the judge’s office for a hearing. Your lawyer will have a lot of questions for you. 

After you are released from jail, you will receive your temporary paper license. Your driver’s license will be suspended until you have received your conviction. Depending on the charges, you might have to undergo alcohol counseling and community service. Often, you will be required to participate in a SMART recovery program. 

If you were convicted of a second or third DWI within a decade, you will need to undergo a mandatory yearlong revocation of your driving privileges. This can include your ability to drive to work. 

As with other criminal offenses, your jail time will depend on the court that you are in. For instance, if you are convicted of aggravated DWI, you will likely be required to serve a year in jail. Other mandatory penalties include the suspension of your license and the requirement that you take an alcohol treatment program. 

If you are arrested for a DUI, you will also have to deal with the stress and anxiety associated with facing the potential consequences. Fortunately, most cases are resolved through plea bargaining. That means that you might be offered a reduced penalty or even have your charge dropped in exchange for another. 

While many first-time offenders do not receive any penalties, a second or third DUI can have a more dramatic impact on your life. If you are found guilty, you might have to forfeit your car, undergo an alcohol treatment program, and undergo probation. There are also additional penalties to consider, such as house arrest or labor projects. 

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