How Do I Know If I Need A Car Accident Lawyers?

How Do I Know If I Need a Car Accident Lawyer? 

If you are involved in a car accident, it is a good idea to have an attorney on your side. They can help you understand your rights and fight for the compensation that you deserve. Here are some things that you should know before you have an accident: 

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If You Are Injured

The first thing that you should do after a car accident is to seek medical attention. Getting checked out as soon as possible will allow you to get the proper treatment and prevent any further injuries from developing. It will also give your doctor a chance to document the extent of your injury, which will be important to your claim. 

You should also take pictures of the accident scene and your vehicle, as well as any other damage that you have incurred. This will help you later in your case when trying to recover compensation for the cost of repairs. 

Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company on Your Own

It is a mistake to talk directly to an insurance company on your own after an accident, especially if you are in a serious car crash. This is because they are more concerned with their own bottom line than with yours, and you may be misled into accepting a lowball settlement offer that will not cover your medical bills or lost wages. 

Do Not Accept a Settlement Offered by the Insurance Company Without First Consulting With an Attorney 

If you decide to accept an insurance offer from the other party, be sure that it is reasonable. In some cases, insurance companies will try to trick you into accepting a settlement offer on the phone by recording your acceptance of the offer. While this is not illegal, it is an unnecessarily high hurdle to clear and can even cause you to lose your case. 

In most cases, it is best to contact an attorney immediately after a car accident. This is because insurance adjusters are more likely to deny a claim if you have not yet been properly represented by an attorney. 

When contacting an attorney, make sure that you are talking with a lawyer who is experienced in handling your specific case. The most reputable car accident lawyers will offer you a free, no-obligation consultation so that they can evaluate your case and determine whether or not you should hire them. 

Look for a Florida Bar Board Certified Personal Injury Attorney

The best way to find a competent and experienced personal injury attorney is to check them out online. Many reputable law firms have websites where you can read client reviews and see how the attorneys themselves handled their cases. 

A Florida Bar Board Certified Attorney is more likely to have the expertise that you need, as they have gone through a rigorous process that tests their legal knowledge and skill. The bar also requires that these lawyers pass exams and interviews with former clients, judges, and opposing attorneys. 

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