Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
(These answers do not replace the advice of a car accident lawyer.)

Should I go to the doctor?
If you were injured you should get the treatment you need.

Can I afford to go to a doctor?
Our auto injury attorney can help you use your own insurance coverage to get treatment.  Usually, the at-fault vehicle’s insurance company will reimburse your insurance company.  We can also help you get treatment if you don’t have insurance of your own.

What is an uninsured or underinsured claim?
An uninsured claim is when the at-fault vehicle doesn’t have any insurance and an underinsured claim is when the at-fault vehicle doesn’t have enough insurance.  If you have insurance of your own you are covered for injuries caused by uninsured or underinsured vehicles.

Should I give a statement to the insurance company?
If are injured we recommend talking to an auto injury attorney before making any statements.  The Montag Law Office provides free initial consultations.

Who will pay for the damage to my car?
If the vehicle that caused your accident was insured, their insurance should pay to fix or replace your car.  If the at-fault vehicle was uninsured, you may be able to use your own insurance collision coverage.

Should I rent a car?
Make sure the insurance company will pay the full cost of the rental and have a clear understanding of how long it is authorized.  You do not want a surprise bill when the rental car is returned.

How strong is my case and should I hire a car accident lawyer?
If you were hurt by another driver’s negligence and require medical treatment, you may have a case that would benefit from legal representation.  Consider asking an experienced auto injury attorney at for a free consultation to evaluate your claim.

Can I afford an auto injury attorney?
At the Montag Law Office, we work for contingent fees so there are no initial expenses to our clients and we only get paid when you do.

When should I settle my injury claim?
Don’t settle too soon.  The severity of your injuries may not be apparent initially.  It also takes time to complete medical treatment.  It is usually a good idea to be done with medical treatment before finishing an injury claim.

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