During What Time Of Day Most Truck Accidents Occur?

Most Truck Accidents Occur During the Daytime!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports that most truck accidents occur between noon and 3 p.m. In 2017, nearly 18.5 percent of large trucks and 6.7 percent of other vehicles involved in crashes happened between these hours, which resulted in the deaths of 782 people. 

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Most Truck Accidents Occur during Daytime

Many times, a person is sitting in the car or parked on the side of the road when he suddenly sees a large truck coming down the street. The truck can be driving at high speeds, and if a driver is distracted or inattentive, he could be hit by the truck. 

Most fatal trucking accidents are caused by a combination of driver errors and other factors. These include drivers ignoring traffic laws, driving too fast for conditions, following too closely, focusing on cargo instead of the road, taking their eyes off the road, fatigue and unfamiliarity with the roadway. 

Poor cargo loading is also a leading cause of accidents with trucks. If the cargo is not loaded properly, it can fall out of the truck and into the road, causing the trailer to tip over or crash into oncoming cars. 

Distracted driving is also a major cause of trucking accidents because it takes the driver’s attention off the road and ruins his reaction time. Texting, eating meals, using the GPS, and reaching for items in the cargo are all distractions that can cause a deadly crash. 

Most Fatal Trucking Crash Facts

The most common type of fatal crash is head-on collisions with big trucks. These accidents occur when the driver of a passenger vehicle is driving too fast and attempting to pass a big truck in the wrong lane or fails to notice the big rig as it approaches. 

These accidents can be especially dangerous because of a trucker’s large blind spots and long stopping distances, so it is important for passengers to pay close attention when sharing the road with a big rig. It is also a good idea to stay out of the trucks’ blind spots and give them extra room as they make turns, so that they can turn safely. 

Driver Fatigue is a leading cause of trucking accidents. Unfortunately, truckers are often under pressure to get to their destinations within a short period of time. They often drive late at night or early in the morning, and they do not receive enough sleep to ensure that they are fully alert when they’re on the road. 

Despite these dangers, many truckers and trucking companies violate hours-of-service regulations by requiring their employees to drive when they are too tired. They are often unable to get the seven to nine hours of sleep recommended by doctors for safe driving. 

This is why many fatal trucking accidents occur during daylight hours. Drivers are more likely to be distracted, inattentive, and fatigued during this time of the day. The National Traffic Safety Board says that weekdays are the most dangerous days for truck accidents because more trucks are on the road. However, it is important to remember that the weekends tend to be safer for truck accidents. 

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