Do You Have To Call The Police When Getting Into A Car Accident Is It A Law?

Do You Have to Call the Police When Getting Into a Car Accident? 

When getting into a car accident, one of the first things that you should do is call the police. What is the Law if the accident involves property damage, you can also get a police report? Also, if you’re not able to contact the other driver, you can put their contact information on your windshield. Finally, you should file a report with the DMV.


You should never leave the scene of a car accident without first calling law enforcement and waiting for an officer to arrive. This can lead to legal problems later. The officer will fill out the MV-104A report and file it with the appropriate authorities. You should ask for this report as soon as you can, and you can review it online if you need it. 

Getting a police report 

If you have been involved in a car accident, you should try to get a police report from the accident scene. You can do so for free, and in most cases, the police precinct will hold the report for thirty days. But you may have to wait up to a few weeks for it to be available. Getting a police report is important in several ways. 

Taking photos of the other driver 

Taking photos of the other driver after getting into a car accident is essential if you want to collect evidence against them in case of a lawsuit. You should take pictures of the other driver, the other car, and the scene of the accident. Having these photographs will help you gather evidence and prove your case if the other party denies liability. 

Filing a report with the DMV 

Filing a report with the DMV after getting into a car accident is a legal requirement. It allows the police to record the crash and add it to the driver’s record. However, filing a report does not indicate fault. In New York, it is illegal to leave the scene of an accident. To avoid this, it is important to contact the local police agency or visit it to request a copy of the crash report. 

Staying on the scene 

Staying on the scene of a car wreck can be a risky business. While you are not legally required to do so, if you have witnessed the accident, you may need to provide support to the victims. If you are not able to assist the victims, it’s best to call 9-1-1 and drive to a safe location. Approach the scene carefully and avoid distracting drivers. Stay on the sidewalk if possible and don’t approach the accident scene from a moving vehicle. 

Avoiding a car chase 

Avoiding a car chase is vital if you’re involved in a car accident. A police pursuit is an attempt by law enforcement to catch a driver who allegedly caused an accident. This process involves high speeds and difficult maneuvers that cause different parts of the car to wear down. Tires are particularly vulnerable to tearing apart during pursuits and are frequently blown out. Moreover, aggressive drivers are more likely to cause an accident because they may lose control of their car during maneuvers or misjudge distances. 

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